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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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Bearing News

Photo courtesy of inteGIRLS STL/MO.

inteGIRLS STL/MO chapter hosts first Winter Contest

Shubha Gautam, News Editor December 7, 2021

The inteGIRLS STL/Missouri chapter hosted their Winter 2021 Math Contest for girls and non-binary individuals comfortable with being placed with girls Saturday, Dec. 4. The student-led group hosted the...

Day 84

Day 84

Bailey Stover June 9, 2020
During her 84th day of social distancing, senior Bailey Stover made breakfast, took a college math placement test and celebrated her brother's birthday.
Day 83

Day 83

Bailey Stover June 8, 2020
During her 83rd day of social distancing, senior Bailey Stover contacted a Spanish professor, wrote thank you cards and spent time with her family.
Day 18

Day 18

Snowy Li April 4, 2020
I headed straight for my laptop — today is a huge workday, and I realized I had little time left to lose: the three day grace period Columbia Public Schools has implemented for students from April 1 to April 3 in the hopes of promoting health over schoolwork for the moment has merely pushed my deadlines for class assignments closer together. I was determined then, despite my earlier laziness, to get my tasks done so I can relax later.
Math team placed first in sweepstakes Saturday.

Math team finishes first place in relays at Camdenton High School

Jared Geyer January 18, 2020

The math team finished first place this weekend at the Camdenton High School math relay. The team has previously placed first and second overall in their division at previous math relays. Along with the...

Art by Sophie Froese

Sexist parenting practices begin lifelong biases for all

Amira McKee January 15, 2020
Society has forced condescending messages onto girls for generations, with devastating consequences on their self-image and confidence. For generations brands have marketed toys to girls teaching them to be softer, more submissive and more domestic than their male peers: what every woman is “supposed” to be.
Fire department helps students out of stuck elevator

Fire department helps students out of stuck elevator

Emily Oba March 12, 2019
This morning, Tuesday, March 12 around 10:10 a.m. the fire department arrived responding to a call about two RBHS students stuck in the elevator by the math classrooms.
Photo by Emily Franke

CPS changes Algebra 1 course availability

Ji-Sung Lee December 9, 2018
As of the 2018-19 school year, sixth graders can no longer enroll in Algebra 1.
Photo Illustration by Sophie Eaton

Math fosters independent minds

Anna Xu October 15, 2018
While math enhances the judgment of a person as a whole, it is also helpful to a majority of careers.
Photo by Mikaela Acton

Class participation varies on students

Emily Oba March 21, 2018
Some students hesitate to raise their hand because of fear of answering wrong or being unable to provide a response.
 Photo by Abby Blitz

Mathleague places first, sets sights on future competitions

Katie Whaley December 15, 2017
After a successful beginning to the season, the RBHS mathleague hopes to advance to state competitions later this school year.
A day with The Eclipse

A day with The Eclipse

Cam Fuller August 28, 2017
Follow the events at RBHS on 8/21/17 as the Bruins and the U.S. experienced a once in a lifetime event.
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