Students spread awareness on World Kindness Day


Compassion in Action club members juniors Zain Syed, Kate Bushnell and Toan Vu stand in the PAC loby with sponsor Lesley Thalhuber during A lunch on Nov. 13. Students in the club walked through the halls passing out small items, such as gum, hot chocolate or gloves, to peers and teachers.

Jared Geyer

Today, Nov. 13, is World Kindness Day, a day where random acts of kindness are encouraged and celebrated throughout communities across the world. In the spirit of the day, a small group of students gathered together in the Performing Arts Center lobby for a few slices of pizza, and planned to spread nice gestures around the school. The event was organized by the Compassion in Action Club (CIA) club, which Lesley Thalhuber, the outreach counselor at RBHS, sponsors. The CIA made many  pamphlets for the occasion, each with a different “kindness mission” to be completed inside, such as giving gloves or hot chocolate to a stranger.
“Students will grab a kindness mission, and they will go do something kind during their lunch shift,” Thalhuber said. “In each kindness packet there is a little small token of appreciation for the person that showed up to spread kindness.”
Even students not in CIA participated, such as Jessica Payne, who was inspired by the valuable intentions of the holiday.

“The smallest acts of kindness can literally save a person’s life,” Payne said. “Someone can be on the verge of giving up and an act of kindness could help them.”
The club doesn’t just engage in pizza parties and special events. Rachel Bailey, a member of CIA, talked about the other activities CIA does in their meetings and events.
“We talk about things we can do, like random acts of kindness, and how people have affected us with kindness recently,” Bailey said. “We also just have discussions about how we have been recently.”
Kindness is extremely important to the core moral fabric of the club. Thalhuber and the students who are involved in the club seek to make a healthier school environment. Thalhuber said the next CIA meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 28.
“It is super important for the climate in our school to improve. I am the outreach counselor and work a lot with kids who are super stressed, anxious, depressed, that kind of thing,” Thalhuber said. “I know that kindness is one of those things that helps relationships, mental health, life satisfaction. It’s just really important to me. We know that kindness is contagious, and witnesses to kind events are more likely to go and do something kind themselves.”
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