People of Roots n Blues n BBQ – Caitlin Cunningham, Paul Rowden


Caitlin Cunningham volunteering at R n B n BBQ. Photo by Bailey Stover.

Bailey Stover

On Saturday afternoon, Roots n Blues n Barbecue volunteers Caitlin Cunningham and Paul Rowden walked around selling cold beverages to festival goers. Both Cunningham and Rowden appreciate the community and atmosphere of the festival, and their volunteer work allows them to interact with a variety of people.

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What first drew you to Roots n Blues?
Cunningham: “So we like just being out and about in large groups of people, and I mean we like the music as well, but mostly it’s just the atmosphere and getting to be outside for multiple days on end.”
Rowden: “Just coming out, bringing a blanket, laying down in a field and listening to good music is nice.”
How long have you each been coming?
Cunningham: “I’ve volunteered on and off. I think I’ve only missed one year of attendance, so probably like six or seven years I’ve been coming.”
Rowden: “This is my third or fourth [year] I think. Third.”
What is your favorite part of Roots n Blues?
Cunningham: “Seeing people. Getting to run into people that you haven’t seen in a while. So that’s always good.”
What idea or experience do you each take away from the festival each year?
Cunningham: “A sense of community and from like all ages. What I like about it is you get people from all different walks of life because all of the different bands kind of cater to different styles and different age groups, so you kind of get to mingle and see people from all walks of life.”
Rowden: “Definitely. I agree.”
What group are you most looking forward to hearing?
Cunningham: “We, because we’re volunteering, are kind of just… we got a little bit lucky and just get to come to the fest. And so it’s been a little bit just kind of like everything is just gravy and sprinkles on top of the ice cream. But last night we got to see the Avett Brothers and Lake Street Dive. And Lake Street Dive, her voice is just phenomenal. She was just… It was flawless.”[vc_masonry_media_grid grid_id=”vc_gid:1538281523576-b0d39b1a-b843-8″ include=”303963,303962,303961,303960,303959,303958,303957″] Have you ever volunteered at Roots n Blues? Let us know in the comments below.