Brian Jiang, a firm believer in friendship


Cassidy Viox

Most RBHS students know junior Brian Jiang by his cheerful smile and the eager “Hello!” he gives his friends when they pass him in the hall. Being Jiang’s friend comes with energetic high fives and meaningful conversations. His happiness is evident in everything he does, large or small.
“What makes me excited is when I have lots of friends all around RBHS and others around the district. It’s special because I have lots of people to talk to and saying ‘Hi’ to them in the hallways and stuff. Other things that makes me happy are when I am enjoying the classes I take here at RBHS. Those classes make me feel excited about learning because I like the content of the classes and I like how the teachers teach the classes. They make me happy because I really like their enthusiasm and they can be funny sometimes. The thing that is most special about RBHS is all of the clubs like Spanish club and tech club. I can fix those computers and make them more useful which makes me happy. I lose my happiness sometimes when I get frustrated and upset when people in my class pester me sometimes. I regain my happiness by going up to people who never pester me. The importance of happiness is having people to talk to and saying ‘Hi’ to each other in the hallways. It’s not good to be lonely and it could be very sad when you’re all alone and you have no one to talk to.”