Renwick centers herself on her hope in Christ


Cassidy Viox

Senior Kylie Renwick relies on Christ for her happiness. Her joy comes from within and she lives to please the Lord. Renwick always displays a smile and believes a day without joy is a day wasted.
If I’m being completely, totally honest, I totally find my joy in Christ. I don’t want to sound cheesy or anything like I’m trying to push him on anyone, but that’s where my joy comes from. My joy comes from Christ and having hope in him and knowing every day will be a good day. First of all, any day you wake up is going to be a good day. Also, how can anything go bad? In retrospect, he takes care of you. There’s a lot of hope. With joy, the backbone of it is hope. He’s just my hope, he’s my rock. I know I can lean on him. If anything is going bad, he’s going to be there for me and he’s going to take care of it. There are going to be hard times. Trust me, there’s going to be times where you’ll think you’re dying or something, but he’s always there for you. You always have that hope to lean on. Even if you’re going through something hard. My grandma has Alzheimer’s [Disease]. [It’s hard] seeing her going from the person she was to who she is now. It’s not her because it’s the disease that’s taking over, but it is really hard to watch that and see your own grandma not be able to make sentences or words. I know it’s probably even harder to watch my mom interact with it. She was close to my grandma, so it’s like her mom is now a totally and completely different person. Long story short, what I’m trying to get to is you know there’s a purpose to what’s happening. You know God’s going to work everything out and it will be okay. He’s faithful. He’s a faithful God. He’s going to take care of you no matter what. There’s a purpose to everything, so you may not know what the purpose is now. What you’re going through and why you’re going through it, but you know there’s a reason. Usually it’s for the best because he loves you and he wants the best for you. I find my joy in Christ. That’s how I wake up every day.