Milyo shines of joy and love


Cassidy Viox

Junior Audrey Milyo is shy and quiet, but has a joy that shines in everything she does. A passion for love and companionship deep down allows her to grow and care for others deeply and love the life she lives.
“What makes me happy? My friends and my family make me happy. Activities like tennis make me happy and volunteering. I think most of my happiness comes from my faith in God and the hope I have in that. I think that sometimes it feels like you lose your happiness, but you’re always able to find it again. I guess in hard times like death and sickness, it can feel like you don’t have happiness anymore, but for me with my faith, I’ve always been able to find that. The importance of being happy is to feel like you can wake up in the morning and go to something. I’m pretty sure most people don’t want to live an unhappy life. It’s uncomfortable and doesn’t seem worth living if you’re unhappy. Happiness gets you to work and school and gets you to smile or laugh, so it’s worthwhile.”