Environmental Coalition hosts Nature Day in Rock Bridge State Park


Photo by Cassidy Viox

Cassidy Viox

Environmental Coalition will host a Nature Day at Rock Bridge State Park (RBSP) on Saturday, Feb. 25 from 10 a.m. to noon. The group of happy hikers will meet at the Devil’s Icebox entrance of RBSP for a day of nature appreciation.
The day of activities will include hiking to Devil’s Icebox and Connor’s Cave Sinkhole, going on a brief cave tour and snacking. Senior Sam Baumer worked at the park this summer and will be the tour guide for the hike.
“[RBSP] is close, our school’s namesake, a great park and a park that I am extremely familiar with,” Baumer said. “ …I hope to introduce most of the people to the park so they can come back and enjoy with more of their friends.”
After the event, students are welcome to stay afterwards and spend more time hiking or enjoying the park. Environmental Coalition hopes students learn about conservation and species at risk of extinction in an area as close as RBSP.
Baumer said the purpose of the club is to work to preserve natural resources as well as raise awareness for local and global environmental issues.
Senior Kylie Renwick, a coordinator for the event, encourages all RBHS students to come to the Nature Day and said everybody is welcome.
“We’re hoping that this will be a fun event for everyone and that they’ll see the importance and fun of the outdoors,” Renwick said.
Baumer is excited to bring people into nature, who may not otherwise spend much time outdoors.
“[Nature Day] is especially for those who feel uncomfortable in the outdoors, but want to learn more,” Baumer said. “When people spend time in the outdoors, they begin to care more about it. People protect the things they care about.”
What’s your favorite part of the great outdoors?