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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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Bearing News

Baby fox. Photo by Sarah Mosteller.

Human activities prove detrimental to environment, increase risk of infectious diseases

Audrey Novinger April 14, 2020
In order to combat future infectious diseases and protect the planet, we must tackle factors that contribute to climate change.
Political action, youth involvement necessary to protect environment

Political action, youth involvement necessary to protect environment

Bailey Stover April 10, 2020
Environmental advocates with the Missouri Coalition for the Environment and the Sierra Club express the urgent need for youth activists and political change to protect Earth's future.
Commonplace items hold potential to be repurposed.

That’s trash: hidden potential in everyday garbage

Audrey Novinger November 25, 2019
Commonplace items often end up in landfills, but could be repurposed, or upcycled, instead. The upcycling process eliminates waste and transforms old objects into unique treasures.
Plan leading strategy of successful business competition concept. Hand of player chess board game putting white pawn, copy space

Fast food, environment meet strategic analysis

James Glaser November 4, 2019
From the presupposition of game theory that actors are rational, there arises a great problem. How do we rectify a harsh outcome?
Climate Change by Moy Zhong

Climate in crisis; students speak out

Katie Whaley April 26, 2019
Unlike a singularity within a black hole, carrying capacity curbs at a specific point and the human population cannot continue to grow without reaping serious consequences on the environment. The earth, in addition, has limitations on its resources and functions that humans need to survive.
Art by Valeria Velasquez

Fear fuels decision-making, everyday behavior, attitude

Ji-Sung Lee December 20, 2018
Fear, a powerful and primitive human emotion, essentially shapes all that humans do. Whether to skydive off an airplane or pick up a tarantula with bare hands, fear motivates action, giving a new sense of concentration, avoidance or preparation.
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue performs at the Roots n Blues n BBQ music festival on Sunday Sept. 30. Photo by Maya Bell.

Live music provides unparalleled experience

Ji-Sung Lee October 30, 2018
Since 1990, the profit of concert ticket sales in North America has increased steadily. Listeners weigh the pros and cons before purchasing tickets.
Photo by Kai Ford

Students strive for sustainability through environment’s protection

Ji-Sung Lee January 29, 2018
Students and clubs strive for eco-friendliness, trying to take into account the natural systems that support people.
on should Trump prioritize jobs or the environment?

on should Trump prioritize jobs or the environment?

Grace Dorsey April 7, 2017

On March 28, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that repealed Obama’s efforts to address climate change most notably to curb power plants’ pollution. Obama’s Clean Energy Plan would...

Photo by Cassidy Viox

Environmental Coalition hosts Nature Day in Rock Bridge State Park

Cassidy Viox February 24, 2017
Environmental Coalition hosts a Nature Day on Feb. 25 at Rock Bridge State Park. The day will include hiking, snacks and a cave tour.
Living in the troublesome past

Living in the troublesome past

Grace Vance May 8, 2016

[heading]Age-old social, environmental issues lack improvement[/heading] It’s a typical day at the University of Missouri-Columbia Child Development Laboratory. Teachers watch over the kids as they play...

Oh, say, can you see

Oh, say, can you see

Joy Park May 5, 2016
Instead of being able to look out at a glimpse of nature, RBHS students must spend approximately 5,000 hours a year in dim fluorescent-lighted rooms that occasionally deign to a tiny window in the corner.
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