Bruin Girls hope preparations pan out for Breakfast with Santa


photo by Marco Rea

Grace Dorsey

On Dec. 3 the Bruin Girls will host Breakfast with Santa for the second year in a row. The event, which will take place from 9:30 am to noon, serves as both a fundraiser for the dance team’s competition and as a community tradition. Attendees should expect ten craft tables, performances as well as a pancake breakfast.
Junior Chloe Fischer, as a member of the team, is most excited to perform her dances for the first time in front of a crowd. Despite a time crunch, Fischer remains optimistic about the turnout.
“We haven’t had that much time to advertise and get the word out so I hope that everybody’s able to show up,” Fischer said. “The main [challenge] is that we didn’t really have a lot of people sign up at the beginning of this week, but we’ve tried to overcome it by tweeting a lot and talking to our friends about it.”
The dancers, in addition to parent volunteers, have been in preparation mode for the last few weeks. Team parent Jan Varnum is a member of the task force and has helped with completing the list of necessary tasks.
“First we had to select a date. Then we had to see what decorations we had from last year, and which ones we still needed to fill in. So now we are ready to set everything up,” Varnum said. “The hardest thing has been trying to estimate how many [participants] and how much supplies. You don’t want to run out so it’s kind of tricky.”
The Bruin Girls’ coach, Lyria Bartlett, shares Fischer’s sentiments on the levels of participation. Her strategy for execution is simply to follow in the footsteps of last year’s coordinator.
“I had a lady set it up for me last year and she took really, really good notes and so I’m basically just trying to follow what she wrote,” Bartlett said. “It’s just a huge team effort to get everyone here and get things moving so after that we should be good to go.”
Something also hopes to bring a sense of tradition and nostalgia for returning students.
“It’s a RBHS tradition that used to be for the senior class fundraiser and two years ago they decided they didn’t want to do it. We tried to continue the tradition and we hope that it continues on, for people to come here and remember when they did it.”
Have you attended or plan to attend a Breakfast with Santa?