Films that inspire the holiday spirit


Alyssa Gibler

During the holidays, there are several fun films that come to mind when celebrating with your loved ones. But the main problem is when you’re sat down with family and friends is that there’s just so much to choose from. Everyone has their favorite holiday film, whether it’s honoring Hanukkah, Christmas, Veterans Day, or Thanksgiving. It’s a Wonderful Life, and the most important part of this holiday season is to remember who and what you’re thankful for when you’re sitting across the dinner table with all of the people you hold close to your heart. Here are some films that are just something that you can enjoy between holiday meals and a mug of hot chocolate this holiday season.
A Christmas Story is a classic holiday film that is full of laughs and everything Christmas related that you can think of. All about a young boy named Ralphie who only wants a B.B. gun for Christmas. He tries throughout the 94 minute runtime to convince his parents, his elementary school teacher, and ‘Santa Claus’, that a gun is a perfect gift for him. They all deny his Christmas wish list from the get go as we follow him through his family traditions and Christmas misadventures. His unrealistic but hilarious daydreams are something to be admired, as well. A true classic, A Christmas Story is something you can watch over and over, and will never get old.
The Hebrew Hammer is a film highlighting the Jewish faith and is one of very few full length Hanukkah movies available. An orthodox Jewish man saves the holiday of Hanukkah from Santa Claus’ evil son. A comedy starring Adam Goldberg and Judy Greer, the film orchestrates a creative idea about religion and how it’s subconsciously embedded into our everyday lives. Unique, the film is, but some seem to think it’s in poor taste and humor. But the concept is something you need to witness because of its genius. Most would agree that the execution could have been handled more carefully and with more sensitivity. All in all, The Hebrew Hammer is special and definitely needs your attention before you judge it in its entirety.
Veterans Day:
Good Morning Vietnam, starring the late actor Robin Williams, is a film that helps us better understand and celebrate Veterans that fought for us. With the famous line, “Good morning, Vietnam,” this movie brings some laughing room for soldiers in the movie. The film is centered around William’s character Adrian Cronauer and the broadcasts that he creates and his struggles to keep his air time a float. Bringing comedy to the audience at home that chooses to watch the film, Williams does a fantastic job making us laugh as he has his entire career.
Son in Law is a hilarious, believe it or not, Pauly Shore movie. Known for being overly ridiculous and a try hard in the comedian scene. Shore has definitely had his fair share of bad screwball comedies. The movie begins with a simple girl named Rebecca living at her parent’s farm in a small town. When she moves away after graduation, she meets a wild card named “Crawl,” who inspires her to loosen up and live a little. The film is a fun installment for Thanksgiving movies, but it centers around family. When Rebecca comes back to see her family members for a Thanksgiving feast, she brings Crawl with her and havoc ensues. The silly fun this film will bring during your holiday break will have you crying from laughter.
used with permission of A Christmas Story House & Museum