Four frightening films to watch this season


Alyssa Gibler

Films that go unappreciated but are unique to the film industry, they go unnoticed all the time. So it’s not a surprise when a great gory horror movie like The Hills Have Eyes isn’t so much talked about like series The Chainsaw Massacre is raved about every time a new one pops up around Halloween time. Here are some films that need a little love from us as the viewers, some animation, gore, sci-fi and of course the classic for long time lovers of the horror genre.
I am Legend is, in my opinion an underrated horror film. It has a lot of heart. The start of the film is at a slow pace, but the end leaves you wanting more. There wasn’t a dry eye in the theater when this movie came out in the box office. This film is about an apocalyptic world where one man remains, he is a scientist no less. The audience roots for Norman’s quirky self and hopes he keeps in his heart throughout every nail-biting and flinch-clinching scene. Survival of the fittest never looked like a lifelike possibility.
ParaNorman is a witty 3-D stop motion animated film about one kid’s journey through the paranormal world. Created by the makers of Coraline, this family friendly movie shares its creepy moments as well as its heartfelt moments. You grow to care for Norman as he adventures a world along side his own that has been untouched for years. Wanting nothing more than this odd kid to triumph, the audience is left tapping their feet hoping he conquers both his world and the paranormal world everyone unknowingly lives their everyday lives beside everyday.
The Hills Have Eyes is a gory remake of a classic. Though it has the same name as the Wes Craven masterpiece, this film caters to a whole new generation of horror film lovers. This movie displays an interesting adaption for horror buffs everywhere. Although the plot of this remake trails after the first movie closely, this film is now set in the modern age but shows little change from the past years. Some believe that gore can be art in it’s own sense of the word, in other words, if you can’t stomach this art, gore isn’t for you.
The Omen starts out in one of the most idealistic fashions for a horror movie, at a birthday party. This doesn’t sound ideal to me either, don’t worry it’s not all frosting and ribbon. Out of nowhere the first scene will grab your attention — if you blink you might miss the famous scene. You didn’t think toddlers were scary before? Well, think again because this pint size toddler will have you running for the hills once you get thirty minutes into the film. Watch this movie with the lights on because once you hear the line, “Look at me, Damien! It’s all for you,” you can’t go back.
used with permission of Universal Pictures International