‘Depth’ art show to journey through student creativity


Ashley Tanner

The third annual Rock Bridge art show  is Sunday, April 24 from 3 -5 p.m. in the north commons. The overall  theme, Depth, features a visual motif of caves.
“The name Depth satisfies two things for us: a visual connection for our installation and a metaphorical connection to the depth and breadth of the artist experience here at Rock Bridge,” AP art teacher Abigail Gorsage said. “With that in mind, we work with the AP art students to brainstorm visual connections to depth, typically landscapes that provide physical depth that we can emulate through art.”
Art students have the opportunity to showcase work they have worked on all year long. Senior McKenna Neville has participated in the show for three years and recognizes that it is a unique opportunity.
“I think it’s cool to see Rock Bridge students’ art getting recognized by people because there’s not really anything else like it in town,” Neville said. “Hickman and Battle don’t have art shows, Rock Bridge does. We’re cool because of that.”
This will be senior Clara Brand’s third year participating. She is entering 12 pieces she has created in her AP Art II class. Brand loves the art show because it allows students who may have never met before to connect.
“I think the most special thing is that all of the art students, even though everyone is in their separate classes, kind of pull together to put out the installation,” Brand said. “It’s also a cool time for everyone to see the AP art and senior work.”
Depth has been an ongoing project that has required a lot of time and effort, but one the students very worthwhile.
“We have been preparing for the installation for the last two months, but the students have been preparing their artwork all year,” Gorsage said. “This show really acts as a culmination of the portfolio they have built in a school year, or in many cases for our seniors, in their time at Rock Bridge.”
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