Homecoming Spirit Week brings costumes, games


photo by Grace Dorsey

Grace Vance

The Homecoming festivities have taken off as students get into the full swing of what is known as “Spirit Week.” The theme for today is Disney animals and sidekicks. The homecoming nominees and their escorts participated in a Disney trivia as a part of the lunch activities, competing to answer questions the with speed and accuracy.
photo by Gracie Dorsey
Freshman Matthew Burns enjoys dressing up the most out of all the Homecoming activities. He played the part of the Etch A Sketch from the movie, Toy Story, with the words, “Welcome home, Andy” written across it. Burns spent about an hour on his costume the night before.
photo by Grace Dorsey
Senior Melissa Blake and outreach counselor Lesley Thalhuber have really put the ‘spirit’ in “Spirit Week.” Their costumes of Tweedledee and Tweedledum from the movie,  Alice in Wonderland, were inspired by a picture on Instagram. Although their vision may have looked simple, the reality of making their costume proved to be labor intensive.
“[It was] three hours of glitter all over her house,” Blake said.
Even though the project was messy, Thalhuber said it was the time it took to make the costume, not the process, that made it demanding.
“We sewed the tops together and made the skirts,” Thalhuber said. “[It was] pretty easy, actually, just time consuming.”
photo by Grace Dorsey
Sophomore Rebecca Gray and freshman Emma Ragsdale enjoy seeing everyone dress up in light of Homecoming cheer. The pair decided to embody the spirit of Disney by dressing up as Mickey and Minnie mouse.
“I think it’s really fun. The whole school gets excited for the game and the dance,” Gray said. “There is lots of school spirit.”
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photos by Grace Dorsey