Back-to-School Night invites parents to experience school day


Sam Mitten

Students and parents will have the opportunity to attend classes on Sept. 4 during Back-to-School night.
Photo by Mikaela Acton
On Sept. 4, beginning at 6:30 p.m., a mixture parents and students will flood into the main gym to listen to a speech from faculty, and will then have the opportunity to go through their child’s classes. Parents will first attend their student’s 1A class, followed by 1B, until they have attended every class on their schedule. 
Parents will only have seven minutes to spend in each class before moving on to the next. If the student is in the same class in the same hour on both A and B days, such as a World Studies or U.S. Studies class, they will stay in that class for 14 minutes.
Junior Paul Van Hove is among the students who plan on attending Back-to-School night. He will attend the event with his parents and his twin brother Junior Mat Van Hove.
“I feel that [Back-to-School night] is a very useful way for students to get acclimated with their teachers and classes,” Van Hove said.
He said Back-to-School night is important because it is good for parents to meet their student’s teachers and for them to see each teacher in a non-professional light to remind them that they are, at the end of the day,  still “a human being.”
He also said that as long as all the important information is covered, seven minutes will be an appropriate amount of time. Passing periods will be just five minutes, and with many people in the building, from freshmen to seniors to parents, everyone should be weary of managing their time. This will be especially important since students often have a hard time getting to classes even when they have seven-minute passing periods.
RBHS Activities Manager David Bones is optimistic that Back-to-School night will give parents an opportunity to experience what their child goes through on an average school day. 
“Back-to-School night is for parents to have a chance to learn more about Rock Bridge, but in particular the specifics,” Bones said. “Meet the teachers, learn their expectations and what their son or daughter will be learning in the class.”
With the meeting in the main gym starting at 6:30 p.m., and parents being released to go to their children’s classes at approximately 7 p.m., attendees should expect to be at the school for roughly two hours and be prepared to leave RBHS around 9 p.m.
By Sam Mitten