Breakfast offered daily


Parker Sutherland

Omelets, bacon and biscuits and gravy from Culinary and Baking and Pastry classes are available in the Main commons for this week only.
Culinary teacher Chef Jeff Rayl said the breakfast helps continue students’ curriculum and spawned from an inventive way to work around a narrow budget in the past. Having the meal this week, he said,  just worked out with  scheduling
“This is something we have been doing since I started over at Hickman in ’97, with a very limited budget,” Chef Rayl said.  “We needed to have some very creative ideas to actually last the rest of the year, so it kind of started out as a necessity and now it’s a continuing thing.”
Rayl said he and students prepped food on Monday for the week and started set-up at 7:15 in the morning.  Students in the class took an egg final last week, prepping them for the job ahead. Students from all Culinary 1 classes are working together to meet food needs, with a good attitude.
“We make eggs for the whole school. We actually got to pick our jobs and I chose eggs benedict because I dont know how to flip an omelet,” sophomore Courtney Long said. “We come in and just get everything prepped up and the rest of the people in the [Columbia — Area Career Center] come over here and they start making everything.”
With all of the food and items already prepared it means teachers and students are able to enjoy an “eggcelent” morning meal.
“I had an omelet; it was wonderful,” guidance receptionist Lynne Moore said. “It was nice that someone else cooked my breakfast for me, and I love omelets.”
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