Detective giving presentation on Internet safety

Kira Lubahn

Detective Tracy Perkins will talk about internet safety Wednesday, March 21 during second hour. This is Perkins’ first time speaking at RBHS.
She’ll discuss how to make safe decisions with technology, in addition to presenting information about cyberbullying and sexting.
“Some of the things that they [students] may impulsively do [on the Internet] that they think is no big deal now can have really detrimental effects later. I don’t think students think about the fact that colleges they apply to might be looking [them up online],” guidance counselor Leslie Kersha said. “The Internet can be a venue for really hateful, harmful things. I think that if they [students] wouldn’t be comfortable with that person’s parents or a teacher here seeing them say that [something hurtful], they shouldn’t post it.”
Kersha said now is the appropriate time for students to hear what Perkins has to say. She encourages individuals on AUT or classes to reserve a spot by  e-mailing her at [email protected] before Friday, March 16 to say they will attend the presentation in the PAC lobby.
” I think that it [this topic] is really important because we’re in a society where everyone’s on the Internet and pretty much texts,” she said,”so we need to help educate students on how to use technology in a way that is positive.”
By Kira Lubahn