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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Art by Lorelei Dohm.

Biased data exacerbates racial inequalities

Emma Stefanutti December 26, 2020

Technology is widely regarded as objective; programmed to efficiently perform traditional human tasks without human bias. In this digital age, such impartiality has become invaluable to society. Countless...

Close up photo of man hands typing on laptop. Photo from envato elements.

Internet error message prevents students from using Google search engine

Audrey Novinger December 23, 2019

Students at all four Columbia Public Schools (CPS) high schools received intermittent error messages when using their school-issued laptops through the filtering system iboss to access Google Chrome off...

Four freshmen stand immersed in their phones. Photo by Inyoung Kim

Young children should be kept away from technology

Inyoung Kim December 20, 2019

Generation Z is a young generation that grew alongside technology, unlike previous. The generation has and will continue the usage of technology because of their environment, but to what extent? American...

CNC Laser cutting of metal, modern industrial technology. Small depth of field. Warning - authentic shooting in challenging conditions. Photo from Envato Elements.

Machine learning fuels fun, innovation, crime

James Glaser November 22, 2019

Alan Turing, famous mathematician and computer scientist, is well known for many accomplishments and ideas; among them is the Turing Test. The test defines the point at which one may consider a machine...

RBHS students use their phones during a lunch period.

Students struggle with over attachment to smartphones

Katie Whaley December 16, 2018

Instead of studying for her chemistry test, junior Sam Pokharel was watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” On the surface, the sight of seeing the junior engrossed in the screen of her laptop may bring about...

Librarian Jill Macy pushes a book cart down a quiet aisle of Daniel Boone Regional Library (DBRL). Very few students wer present Wednesday night, Sept. 19, at DBRL.  Photo by Sophie Eaton.

Libraries strive to serve evolving community needs

Ji-Sung Lee October 5, 2018

The hum of the air conditioning. The bustling of homework papers. The turning wheels of the cart carrying the yet-to-be shelved books. These are the typical sights and sounds of a library, yet with constantly...

Many RBHS students spend time during the day on the social media site Instagram. Recently several specific hashtags have been banned. Photo by Mikaela Acton.

Troubles of a social media centered life

Jordyn Thompson October 4, 2018

had looked in the mirror and didn't even see myself anymore. My obsession of the internet had changed how I saw myself.  I then began to see how I had let social media control my life. A majority of...

Feature photo by Rachael Erickson.

Fixing fights over phones isn’t effective

Rachael Erickson May 9, 2018

Around mid-February, I got into a fight with one of my closest friends. It all happened over Snapchat, after a disappointment-fueled spiral on a bus full of debate kids, illuminated only by red emergency...

Early exposure to technology inhibits development

Nikol Slatinska March 26, 2018

A mother pushes her toddler around in a cart through the supermarket. After a while of perusing the aisles for orange juice, laundry detergent and other bland household items, the child naturally starts...

Check out and go: Sophomore Layla Kheiralla checks out a laptop from media specialist Beth Hempke Shapiro. The Media Center uses an electronic inventory system in an attempt to combat annual damages to media equipment.

Student help desk to come to Columbia Public Schools

Grace Dorsey December 20, 2017

Next semester all three of the regular Columbia Public Schools (CPS) high schools will be offering a new learning opportunity. In an upcoming program, students will act as the first-level technology help...

Take paper out with the trash

Take paper out with the trash

Katie Whaley October 12, 2017

Let’s face it: paper is going extinct. Grocery lists have moved on from notepads to the Notes app on the iPhone where people can write down memos, and calendars have also moved from fridges to homepage...

Maya Bell

Need for comfort from phones brings depression alongside

Katie Whaley September 29, 2017

Sophomore Harper Dailey stands in line at the cash register, waiting for the customer in front of her to finish checking out. Dailey pulls her phone out from her back pocket, happy to find a text from...

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