Internet problems to continue through week

Parker Sutherland

Internet issues in Columbia Public Schools are set to continue this week with common speed and connection lags.
David Kessler, manager of network infrastructure and operations, wrote in an email to faculty the problem’s cause identified with a bad fiber module (piece of equipment that offers connection over long distances between buildings). On inspection of the system the district also saw the possibility of slow connection could be the firewall cluster has been running for 187 days.
Internet connection at school proved to be an issue for RBHS students in CPS sponsored online courses.
“Basically I need the internet to do my classwork,” senior Christopher Roberts said. “By the internet moving so slowly, it’s preventing me from getting the work done, or seeing what I need to do” in Career Path Internships.
Saturday morning the district is set to apply an update to reboot the firewall cluster, as suggested by Astaro Internet Security, to see if the action can provide faster internet and server access.
By Parker Sutherland