Google introduces new privacy policy effective March 1

Alex Burnam

Today, Google enacted its new privacy policy, which all internet users are now forced to accept prior to surfing the web on Google.
The new policy allows Google to track user’s search results in order to personalize their experience surfing the web, making it even easier to find the information that people want on Google.
Tracking has some calling foul, but Google has vowed to not abuse this information; just because a person owns a gun, it doesn’t mean they’re a murderer. Others are merely uninformed, like junior Andrew Hutchinson. He only notices it when checking his email.
Google’s company mission is simply “Don’t be evil.” Additionally, Google has many different products and services that it offers such as YouTube, Gmail, and GoogleDocs. Each and every service requires someone with a Google account to accept a different privacy policy. Google is making this switch to a new policy in order to consolidate all its products into one simple user agreement.
Other internet behemoths like Facebook and Twitter do not require multiple user agreements for their various products, and Google is simply playing catchup.
“I think a lot of people have no idea” about it, Hutchinson said, “but anyone who uses Google+, which is no one, and anyone who checks their Gmail has probably seen it but just think it’s a popup and click right past it.”
By Alex Burnam
additional reporting by Adam Schoelz