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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Simone Prince (12), Savanna Prince (9)

Heroes vs. Villains spirit day

Ana Manzano February 26, 2020

Today's Courtwarming spirit day theme was "Heroes vs. Villains" Students and staff dressed up as their favorite heroes and villains, such as Captain America, Batman, and Superman. Tomorrow's theme is decades,...

Exploring querencia through the day

Exploring querencia through the day

Camryn DeVore November 22, 2019

[vc_video link=""]Where have you found your querencia? Let us know in the comments.

An alligator emerges from the water on an overcast day, causing the water to appear white as it reflects the clouds in the sky. Photo by Sarah Mosteller.

Self-scrutiny leads to productivity success

Sarah Mosteller November 11, 2019

Soon after Hurricane Michael, the first Category 5 hurricane to strike the contiguous United States since 1992, disrupted the Florida Panhandle during mid-October of last year, my dad's job sent him there...

Keeping things natural in a digital world

Keeping things natural in a digital world

Sarah Mosteller September 23, 2019

Social media warps our definition of the word “natural” by filtering out superficial imperfections and presenting what is left as reality. Manipulated photos have become so common that it is increasingly...

Friendship, flexibility fuel fever dream photography

Friendship, flexibility fuel fever dream photography

Sophia Eaton September 14, 2019

Perseids Meteor shower was supposed to be the king of this summer's atmospheric phenomena, lasting from the middle of July well into August. Tuesday, Aug. 13, the peak of the natural event, my friends...

Photo by Dalton Nunamaker

Courtwarming theme creates tension among school, community members

Nikol Slatinska February 8, 2017

The 2017 courtwarming theme, Rock Bridge High Society, has divided the school's population, as some believe it is not inclusive of all students. In total, Student Council members presented three theme...

Student council selected the Disney theme for this years homecoming week. Each day, students are encouraged to dress up according to a certain theme.
Photo by: Ji-Ho Lee

“Wish upon a Bruin” homecoming selected, eagerly anticipated

Ji-Ho Lee September 29, 2015

Around the nation, homecoming is nearly a holiday. The dance and the big game add to the aura that surrounds high schools in the country.  At RBHS, an annual tradition is the homecoming week.  This year,...

Seniors Andrew OHaro and Annie Phillips gave ballots during todays elections for class representative. Photo by Shaun Gladney

Courtwarming to be held at Hilton Garden Inn

Derek Wang January 24, 2014

[heading size="16"]StuCo will open theme voting to student body[/heading] As Courtwarming week draws closer, Student Council prepares for the festivities. A theme must be chosen, the dance must be arranged...

Photo by Emily Franke

Homecoming week sparks excitement

Molly Mehle October 17, 2013

As the awaited homecoming week nears, students and administration scramble to get ready for the events and activities that will take place this year. What starts the week is the homecoming theme, which...

Student council members hang the homecoming banner in the main commons on Monday September 20, 2013.

Homecoming week preparation prompts school fundraising

Manal Salim October 9, 2013

In preparation for Homecoming Week, Student Council engaged in numerous discussions to decide the ideal theme and process. After extensive planning, RBHS seniors can place their votes to nominate their...

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