Homecoming week sparks excitement


Photo by Emily Franke

Molly Mehle

Photo by Emily Franke
Photo by Emily Franke

As the awaited homecoming week nears, students and administration scramble to get ready for the events and activities that will take place this year.

What starts the week is the homecoming theme, which is “Rock Bridge, Land of the Free, Home of the Bruins.” Following tradition, each day next week will be themed, and students who choose to participate can dress up accordingly.

“Homecoming week is a week when RBHS shows their school spirit for everyone. Monday’s theme is ‘USA America.’ Tuesday is ‘Professional Sports Day.’ Wednesday is ‘Camo Day. Thursday is ‘Throwback to the 90’s,’ and Friday is ‘School Spirit Day’ when people wear colors to show our school spirit,” Student Council representative sophomore Megan Sherman said. “Throughout the week, we’ll be doing activities such as an assembly on Friday and also a bonfire on Thursday night where each sports team will pick a representative who will compete in different activities there.”

Student Council members develop different activities that take place during lunch shifts next week for homecoming queen nominees and their escorts. An assembly will take place Friday morning with a variety of student-involved activities, as well as an introduction of the homecoming queen candidates. Even students new to RBHS look forward to what the week will behold.

“I think homecoming week will be a lot of fun,” freshman Lauren Brummett said, “because there’s going to be so much spirit and excitement in the school.”

According to tradition, the week of events leads up to the football game at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25, against Jeff City. The homecoming dance will follow the game, as it did last year. Those who are involved in the game have objected to the dance being help at this time.

“I really don’t like having the dance right after the game because, especially for people like football players, Bruin Girls, or cheerleaders, we aren’t able to really get ready like everybody else does,” senior Bruin Girl Erin Concannon, who experienced this new schedule last year, said. “We don’t get to take pictures with our dates, so I guess it kind of ruins the experience and it’s just not as fun.”

Even though students disagree with the schedule, preparation for the game and dance proceed. The homecoming queen nominees and their escorts prepare to dress up next week and send out their school spirit across the student body.

“I can’t wait to do all the fun activities at lunch and dress up every day. My escort and I are really planning to go all out and get the school spirit going,” senior Bruin Girl and homecoming queen nominee Caroline Sundvold said. “The only downfall with having the game before the dance is that, being a Bruin Girl, I won’t be able to take pictures and get ready with everyone. Although, a plus is that we can get more people out to the game to support our football team.”

By Molly Mehle 
What part of homecoming week are you looking forward to most?