“Wish upon a Bruin” homecoming selected, eagerly anticipated


Student council selected the Disney theme for this year’s homecoming week. Each day, students are encouraged to dress up according to a certain theme. Photo by: Ji-Ho Lee

Ji-Ho Lee

Around the nation, homecoming is nearly a holiday. The dance and the big game add to the aura that surrounds high schools in the country.  At RBHS, an annual tradition is the homecoming week.  This year, lots of controversy has surrounded the placement of the week.  However, lots of consideration went into the selection of the theme as well.
Homecoming week typically precedes the football game and the dance.  This year, however, it occurs after the game and before the dance. Despite the change, the principle of homecoming week remains the same.
Every year, student council selects a theme for the week. Each day of that week is a specific day that coordinates with the theme.  This year, the panel selected Disney.
“All of [student council] gathered around and threw out ideas, and we just made a list of those,” student body president, senior Kelly McDonald, said about the process.  “After that, the officers narrowed [the ideas] down to the top three and we had a vote for which theme.”
The two other options were Bruins across America, which included country, preppy and snowy days, as well as a Holiday theme.  McDonald said the selection was made because of the new, creative idea, as well as the excitement expressed by the student council members.
Some students, however, are not as jubilant about the selection.
“Disney is pretty classic, so I’m fine with it,” junior Wesley Cosby said.  “But I feel like with this theme, everyday is kind of similar, so I guess I wish there was more variety.”
The individual themes for each day, which are hung on large posters in the main commons, are The Wide World of Disney TV on Tuesday, Sidekicks/Animals on Wednesday, Princes and Princesses on Thursday and Heroes and Villains on Friday. For those who do not own costumes, student council advises students to wear red, green, gold and black, respectively.
Still, McDonald hopes that the theme will attract lots of participation from the students.
“All the girls love the theme and the boys are getting there,” McDonald said.  “Overall, I’m very happy with it and I think it will be super fun.”
By Ji-Ho Lee