Dance Marathon helps local hospital’s research

Carleigh Thrower

Preparing for the group dance, seniors Ty Griggs and Whitney Wipfler try to keep up with the beat.
More than 200 people gathered in the cafeteria Friday, Dec. 16 to raise money for the University of Missouri’s Children’s Hospital in the first Dance Marathon Student Council has sponsored.
The entrance fee and the donations raised more than $2,400 for research  the University conducts in order to help sick children.
“We raised a lot a more money than we expected. Everyone was really surprised when they put up $1,000, and we were even more ecstatic when $2,000 came up,” junior Maddy Jones said. “It was a really fun and creative way to raise money for these kids.”
Six hours of straight dancing was required; participants had no breaks to sit. Student Council kept students’ spirits alive by coordinating dances and planning themes for each of the six hours.
“The Disney theme was really cool,” junior Erica Beck said. “The group dance was my second favorite part aside to raising so much money.”
As for next year, Student Council members hope to continue this charity event. Senior Pascale White, creator of the Dance Marathon, is already making plans for next year.
“We raised a ton of money, and it’s all for a great cause,” she said, “so I definitely hope we keep it up next year.”
David Bones, who is the principal in charge of activities, agrees this new tradition should continue.
“There was amazing energy, and everyone was excited about it,” Bones said. “It was so successful there’s absolutely no way it won’t happen again.”
Jones, too, believes this first effort is only the tip of what is to come. She said the next Dance Marathon will raise even more money in the future.
“Next year, people will already know what to expect so more people will become involved,” she said. “We will try to raise even more than we did this year. These kids really deserve this.”
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By Mallorie Barnes and Carleigh Thrower