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Relax, unwind with this music blend

[spotifyplaybutton play=””/] [vc_text_separator title=”Still Don’t Know My Name – Labrinth”][vc_text_separator title=”Cough Syrup – Young the Giant”][spotifyplaybutton play=””/][spotifyplaybutton play=””/]With all shame, I fully admit I first heard this piece when I was swiping through TikToks at an ungodly hour of the morning, 2:00 a.m. two weeks ago. It got stuck in my head, and all I could do was hum one part I had heard on TikTok for the next 48 hours. I am sure my family was as tired of hearing the six word line, “I still don’t know my name,” I was singing as I was, so I hopped onto Google and found the name and artist of the song.
As I listened to the full version, I realized it was most definitely playlist worthy, and it made its way onto my latest playlist titled “tiktok made me do it”. The catchiness of this piece made it a must add and hence the addition to my music library.
While many may recognize this melody in all its TikTok glory, I would highly suggest you give the full song a listen as there is more to enjoy than just the single line you remember.

“Life’s too short to even care at all” has long been my favorite line from this song because of its carefree nature. I wish I could date the first time I heard this tune, but I can remember having listened to it since I was in eighth grade, meaning I am going on five years of having this beautiful piece in my repeating playlist that is composed of all my favorites. The lyricism and melody of the tune make it a must hear. It adds a sorely needed sense of calm and adds the reminder to not put unnecessary pressure on myself. I recently rediscovered this song as I went on my journey to create this playlist, and I knew it would be a perfect fit because of its relaxed nature. I hope you can take a minute to relax into the upbeat nature of the chorus and take more than simply the literal meaning to heart. I cannot explain how to interpret this piece; however, as long as I can introduce you to a new style, and hopefully one you’ll like as well, then I am content.
[vc_text_separator title=”When You Loved Me Least – Michl”][vc_text_separator title=”Baby, You’re Worth It – Kina”]I have always found solace in this indie-pop style song. With a half-pop, half-trap beat playing behind the slow, methodical lyrics, the track forms a dream-like image for me. Close your eyes and walk with me in a dimly lit room with hazy fog and blue light. Float in the crystal clear waters on the beach of a remote island or better yet run through the cobblestone streets of Greece hand-in-hand with a significant other. The relaxed techno style can paint any image for the listener. It’s unlike many other number in that it borders a style line between multiple genres and can become what the audience wants. There are a multitude of wishful scenarios that play in my head while I relax and enjoy this song, and want others to feel the same way I do.
This piece is not for those who hate repetitive lyrics. Kina repeats the phrase “Baby are you worth it, come right here, come right,” excessively throughout the piece, repeating 14 times. While there is not much more to the lyrics than that, I still find myself drawn to the song because of its relaxed nature. I tend to play this when I am working on school projects or trying to unwind after a long day. It’s always a good song to play when having a kickback with some friends, that is if your friends aren’t too picky. If looking for some background tunes this is for you as the vocals are simple and the beat is a perfect blend of lo-fi and pop.
[vc_text_separator title=”Youth – Haux”][vc_text_separator title=”Sleep Is a Rose – RHODES”]Every good playlist has a touch of sadness. That is exactly what “Youth” brings to this one. It is possible to interpret the rest of the in various ways, I think this melody is meant to be taken quite literally. The chorus of the song, “If you’re still breathing you’re the lucky one,” I think really calls to imperfections in our society today. I don’t think Haux literally means that he cannot breathe but rather he is suffocating because of the pressure of perfection he is facing. I cannot be sure what aspect he truly means to cover, but I think the piece instills in the listener a thought process that we all need to have. A process where we disregard the thoughts of the hypocritical society we live in. Are we letting society control our choices, or are we still breathing with the lucky ones?
This is one piece I have a theory about, but I encourage you to find your own story for it, as I believe it speaks to each individual listener in a different way. I think the line “Sleep is a rose, but I want to tell you it only brings me fear” represents a fear of death. Roses are a flower frequently displayed at funerals, and I think the symbolism of the rose and sleep makes for the perfect way to represent death. RHODES then clarifies that this sleep and rose analogy brings him fear, illustrating the fear of death. Throughout the rest of the tune, it is mainly the artist singing about cherishing the world around him and the person whom he is in love with. I think this progression shows growth over time: the artist was able to learn from his fear and better appreciate the world around him. I always try to remember this message in order to better myself and also grow from my fears.
[vc_text_separator title=”I Don’t Trust Nobody – cucu, Shiloh”][vc_text_separator title=”Ivory Black – Oliver Riot”]If you noticed “Baby, You’re Worth It” by Kina sounds similar to this track, it would make sense because they share a concept artist, Shiloh. Shiloh contributes vocals to many artists, and the larger the artist the more unlikely it is that Shiloh gets credited. The vocals used in “Baby, you’re worth it” are on Shiloh’s instagram and so I refer to them as a concept artist because many pay to use their vocals. While not listed on Kina’s song, Shiloh in fact wrote and recorded the vocals for it. “I don’t trust nobody” is a short one minute and twelve second melody really finds a place of admiration in my heart. Unlike some of the other tunes on this playlist this one leaves me at a lack for words. I think the short nature of the melody leaves the listener craving more. For me I like the longing sensation. I think of all the tracks on this playlist, this one is likely to have the most split audience due to its short repetitive nature. I will let you decide whether the length of the piece really matters when it comes to enjoying the piece. I think “Ivory Black” is one of the more catchy numbers on this playlist. It starts slow with a soft, sweet melody but soon picks up its pace. The change in tempo is small, but the warmth that enters within just a few seconds of the track really draws the listener in. I think what kept me hooked on listening to this song was the continuous rise and fall in the mood of the piece. Some parts make me want to only listen to it after a tough break up, while others leave me humming the rest of the day. Not only this but the electric guitar solo nearly halfway through the track blends perfectly into the piece in a way you would never assume possible in a laid back pop song. I can jam to this in my car, and I can also play it when I am feeling down. It is an all purpose melody for any mood that I would recommend to anyone. [vc_text_separator title=”PCH – Jaden”][vc_text_separator title=”Her – Majid Jordan”]I stumbled across this song on one of my recommended lists from Spotify. It brings a little spunk to this playlist without disrupting the relaxed flow. I had never really listened to anything by Jaden Smith before I heard this, and I realize now that this track, while it generally falls into his style, doesn’t have the same sound as the rest of his pieces. The rest of his work tends to fall more into a classic rap style whereas PCH adds an indie pop vibe. I think Spotify got its suggestion right this time because I kept this song on repeat for nearly two months. The female artist on the track, though not directly listed, adds a vocal layer that matches perfectly with Jaden’s pop-rap style. PCH is a number I will continue to enjoy; while it doesn’t hold the strongest message, it is a track I will always appreciate.Every time I hear this song, I can’t help but bumble the chorus to myself. The message of the, however, still remains cryptic to me. The more I really listen, the more I feel I am piecing together the story behind the track, one of a lover conflicted. The repeated phrase “I got her in the palm of my hand” plays over and over but throughout the rest of the piece you hear the story of the artist trying to keep the girl he is seemingly thinking about, which is where I became confused when trying to decipher the lyrics. He continues the theme and phrase throughout tune, and neither seem to change. I have a theory that the lyrics are a conversation the artist is having with himself almost as though he is trying to decide whether or not to pursue the girl or trust that he has her in the palm of his hand. While I would love to know the truth behind the song, I can always appreciate the flowing vocals and upbeat tempo. What songs allow you to relax and unwind? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • D

    Desmond KisidaJan 29, 2020 at 10:33 pm

    I watched Euphoria and I really liked the song that’s included in the playlist. If this is open to recommendation, Alt-J is a really good and chill band for relaxation!

  • I

    Isabella PerkinsJan 29, 2020 at 12:46 pm

    Some of my favorite throwback hits are Riptide by Vance Joy, Toxic by Britney Spears, Hotel Room Service by Pitbull, Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, and Cannibal by Ke$ha.