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Relax, unwind with this music blend

Relax, unwind with this music blend

Camryn DeVore January 15, 2020
In this 10 song Spotify playlist, Camryn DeVore describes what music she listens to when she wants to relax, unwind and concentrate.
Businesswoman working on a report or questionnaire writing notes with a pen, overhead view of her desk with a laptop, paperwork and coffee

Studying with calm songs

Katie Whaley April 26, 2019
As finals get closer in my last semester of high school, I put together a playlist of comforting songs to help me survive all the phases of studying.
Summer vibes for 2019

Summer vibes for 2019

Will Napier April 26, 2019
Summer brings on memories of swimming pools, fireworks and grilling.
Photo from Genius.

Songs that are so chill, you may need a coat

Maddie Murphy March 1, 2019
This playlist is comprised of a collection of my favorite songs for relaxing, studying or anything that involves being calm.
Albums with no bad songs

Albums with no bad songs

Jack Speake February 4, 2019
These albums may not have your head whipping back and forth, but taken together they are absolute monsters.
Isabels indie intro

Isabel’s indie intro

Isabel Thoroughman December 14, 2018
Staff artist Isabel Thoroughman gives her favorite songs.
A collage of included album covers.

A World of Sounds

Jack Speake December 11, 2018
This playlist hopes to strike a balance between showing off music from parts of the world less familiar to those and rock bridge while still presenting music that I would actually listen to.
Album cover for the Witcher 3 soundtrack

Sounds of Games

Jack Speake October 22, 2018
Video game music balances somewhere between the lines of nostalgia and quality; it shouldn’t be locked into the medium it fills.
Album cover for Dont Smile at Me

Kai’s Musical Melting Pot

Kai Ford October 15, 2018
The greatest tracks are often a combination of individual songs that evoke strong feelings of happiness, anger or sadness.
Matts Melancholy Mix

Matt’s Melancholy Mix

Matthew Burns October 9, 2018
This playlist unifies diverse adaptations and genres in a way that hopefully translate to listeners who haven’t gone through similar life experiences.
Album art for Good News for People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse.

Jack’s Lifelong Rewind

Jack Speake September 19, 2018
This sampler is a small platter of various songs, which may in finding new artists and providing background for future playlists.
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