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Homecoming Queen Nominee: Carmen Boessen

Carmen Boessen, escorted by senior Ty Griggs

How did you ask our escort to homecoming?

Ty and I have had a pact since sophomore year that if I made court for homecoming I would take him, so that was an easy decision.

What were your immediate thoughts after hearing your name in the nominations?

I was so excited because I had always wanted to be on court but I never dreamed it would actually happen, and it did. I just could not stop laughing I was so happy.

What homecoming activity do you look forward to most?

I think I look forward for the surprise lunch activities. I have no shame, so it’s always fun to just go all out and win even if it is completely embarrassing.

What school activities do you participate in?

Student body president, varsity basketball, varsity soccer, RBRO core leader for St. Francis house, vice president of key club, Harry Potter club. I’m in like 17 or 18 different clubs and activities.

What have you done in these activities?

In student council I am basically in charge of making sure events and activities around Rock Bridge go smoothly because if something goes wrong it is all on me. Soccer and basketball I just get the job done and play; do what my team needs me to do.

How do you think you would exemplify a homecoming queen if you won?

I think I am definitely involved in my school, which I think is a very important quality for a queen candidate, and although I think all the candidates are so much nicer than myself, I don’t think I’m too awful of a person in general. I try to be nicer to everyone I am around and help people enjoy Rock Bridge as much as I do.

How have you made the school a better place?

I would like to think I have made Rock Bridge a better place just by bringing a positive outlook to school every day. Although my laugh may be extremely loud and obnoxious, I’m not going to be the one smiling who will. If I don’t make a huge impact on Rock Bridge, I’m OK with that as long as I make a positive difference in someone’s life within the halls of Rock Bridge.

What are your dreams and aspirations?

My career dream is to be an orthopedic trauma surgeon. I love the blood, the high stakes and pressure: the girly stuff [also] to travel as much as possible. I have been so blessed to see so much of the world already, and I’m addicted and have to see more.

What is your most embarrassing high school memory?

Life is an embarrassing moment for me, but I love it. If I couldn’t laugh at myself, I would probably be dead.

By Parker Sutherland

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