5 summer jobs for high schoolers


Paige Farmer playing with her little brother

Olivia Peters

Once teens get into high school, many find they want to get a summer job for a little extra money. Maybe it’s for shopping or even just going out to lunch with friends, but either way, here are the top five most liked summer jobs for high schoolers.
Lifeguard– With 20 pools in Columbia to choose from, lifeguards are often needed in the summer.
“It’s such a fun and exciting job,” said freshman Gwyn Korte, who has been doing this job for almost a year, “while also getting paid to save lives and be surrounded by good people.”
This job means that they sit in the sun and save lives while also getting paid. Being a lifeguard allows the employee to make friends with the daily attendees of the pool over the summer and get to be in a family friendly atmosphere.
Babysitter– Many teens seem impatient with their younger siblings with about a new argument every 10 minutes; however, the most love to play with others kids, like freshman Macie Sexten.
“I love getting to watch kid grow up, they treat you as if you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, just because you play with them. It’s adorable,” Sexten said.  
For teens parents tend to pay minimum wage per hour and 87% say they end up giving a raise the longer you babysit for them.
Movie Theater Employee– Are you a movie geek? Who loves super buttery popcorn? Then spend summer as a movie theater employee. This could allow discounts on all the new movies and make friends with the owners of the theater. With this job employees would get to see any new movies for free with over 15 new ones coming out this summer.
“It’s such an easy high school job and a great work environment where I’ve met a lot of really great people,” junior Connor Lechtenberg said  
Spend summer days inside an establishment with air conditioning and arcade games, watching kids and groups of families come in and out excitedly. Working at Hollywood Theater or Forum 8 would be a pretty easy job to get because they spend a lot of their time looking for new employees.   
Pet Sitter- As 85 million families are, high schooler are obsessed with animals. Freshman Ava Lewis a said how much she loves her summer job.
“Pet sitting is such a great opportunity to spend time with lots of cute animals while also getting paid,” Lewis said.
So why wouldn’t choosing to spend your summer pet sitting your neighborhoods dogs and cats be a fun idea. Not only is it good money for the hours spent with the little furballs, but you also get to learn more about your neighbors as a whole. A majority of people’s personalities are reflected by the animals they choose to keep in there lives. With over 45.9 percent of people in Columbia owning a pet, it should be very easy to find someone to pet sit for.
Camp Counselor– As children, many  would find their summer best spent at camps away from home where they got to be with our friends and away from their parents. Making bonds with the camp counselors and then choose to come back and see them again next year.
“As camp goes on, I gain a greater bond with the kids,” freshman Aiden Walker said. “They trust me more and even think of me as a friends and role model.”  
Imagine finally having the opportunity to be a camp counselor; getting to spend time around kids who adore being there. While also being able to relive your childhood for a summer which is really a win win situation. Camps like Kanakuk or the Crossing Church are always looking for high school students to work for a summer.