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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Labor Day nameplate by Lorelei Dohm.

Labor Day: More than just a day off

Will Cover September 2, 2019

For many students Labor Day is just an extra-long weekend with the potential for a quick family getaway. It serves as the unofficial end of summer, a barrier between the days of wearing white to transitioning...

Raising Hands by envato elements

Six students will participate in annual Missouri Scholars Academy

Amira McKee May 25, 2019
The campus of the University of Missouri will be filled with 330 high-achieving rising juniors from around Missouri for the the annual Missouri Scholars Academy (MSA) Sunday, June 9 to Saturday, June 29. Several RBHS students including Piper Forthaus, Shruti Gautam, Arren Mallott, Garrett Roach, James Rollison and Kellen Sapp, were selected for the 2019 cohort.
Paige Farmer playing with her little brother

5 summer jobs for high schoolers

Olivia Peters May 24, 2019

nce teens get into high school, many find they want to get a summer job for a little extra money. Maybe it’s for shopping or even just going out to lunch with friends, but either way, here are the top...

Photo by Aniqa Rahman

CACC to host BBQ fundraiser Thursday for nationals

Ji-Sung Lee April 23, 2019
CACC culinary students, juniors Rachel Riegel and Grant Williamson, won the Missouri State SkillsUSA Championship in their respective categories.
Teachers from Battle perform on April 3 in the RBHS PAC to an audience of students from BHS, HHS, and RBHS.
Photo by George Frey / Bearing News

RBHS dance group ‘Gen Z’ wins 2019 Como Cow

George Frey April 4, 2019

The annual Como Cow Lip Syncing competition took place April 3 in RBHS’ Performing Arts Center (PAC) where RBHS, HHS and BHS fought for the title of best lip syncers. The profit made went to charity....

Photos by Allie Pigg, Camryn DeVore, Sophie Eaton, Bailey Stover. Illustrated by Sarah Kuhlmann.

Social media increase accountability, responsibility

Katie Whaley March 26, 2019
In the age of the internet, instances of inappropriate behaviors hindering reputations are almost instantaneous and can have serious consequences.
on the True/False Film Fest

on the True/False Film Fest

Ji-Sung Lee March 2, 2019
Students voice their opinion on the True/False Film Fest taking place Feb. 28 to March 3.
Find Your Passion: George

Find Your Passion: George

George Frey March 1, 2019

Composer Leonard Bernstein once said, “Music can be the unnamable, and communicate the unknowable.” Both musicians and listeners use music to not only entertain, but also communicate. With street musicians,...

Photo from Genius.

Songs that are so chill, you may need a coat

Maddie Murphy March 1, 2019
This playlist is comprised of a collection of my favorite songs for relaxing, studying or anything that involves being calm.
Sleep Talking Ep. 6

Sleep Talking Ep. 6

Isaac Parrish February 27, 2019

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Black History in Columbia, MO - Black History Month

Black History in Columbia, MO – Black History Month

Multiple Authors February 13, 2019

[vc_video link=""]Ben Kimchi explains some of the black history of Columbia. Video by Isaac Parrish. Script by Emily Oba and Bailey Stover. Special thanks to...

Feature photo by Prostock-studio

WIN for Columbia to award female athletes

Ji-Sung Lee January 31, 2019
WIN for Columbia is scheduled to host its annual awards luncheon Feb. 5.
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