Farewell, RBHS


Nine teachers will leave RBHS this year. Photo by Liam Peck.

Maddie Orr

As the days tick down and classes wrap up with finals, the time comes to say goodbye to RBHS faculty and teachers. In total, 17 staff members are leaving, eight retiring and nine taking jobs elsewhere.
In order to fill these open spots in studies, Studies Department Chairs Austin Reed and Bree Anderson worked with administration to interview potential candidates.
“You want to take [hiring] very seriously,” Reed said. “We work to review resumes and call references because getting great teachers is something we want to get right.”
Especially in a department as large as studies, collaboration is a critical aspect when looking for new teachers.
“Our department is really founded on those ideas,” Anderson said. “So, we try to make a lot of our questions about how people feel about the collaborative-like setting.”
Who's Leaving?

  • Taylor Ernst: Teaching at Reedy High School in Texas
  • Josh Nothom: Moving to Los Angeles
  • Betsy Jones: Transferring to Lange Middle School as Secondary Counseling Coordinator grades 6-12
  • Jennifer Rukstad: Working at CPS as Assistant Superintendent
  • Cathy Dweik: Taking a year of absence
  • Alison Cooper: Moving to Chicago
  • Maggie Stewart: Undecided
  • Jamie Daylor: Going to Aurora Central High School in Colorado
  • Michael Nelson: Teaching at Bixby High School in Tulsa

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