Bruinthon prepares for dance marathon

A photo from the Bruinthon event last year. Students show the amount of money they raised for the event.

Jared Geyer

The upcoming Bruinthon event kicked into gear when students became informed by the event through a video at the courtwarming assembly Feb. 14.  Bruinthon lasts for 6.5 hours at RBHS and begins March 16 at 10:30 a.m. Food, music, dancing and yoga are the main events on the itinerary.
Bruinthon is also considered a smaller version of Mizzouthon. All the money from Bruinthon goes to Mizzouthon, which then benefits the MU Women’s and Children’s hospital. Steven Lotz, the Mini Mizzouthon Program Director, works directly with RBHS students to make Bruinthon a success every year.
Other schools such as Jefferson City High School have also started their own events this year. Lotz uses the event as a way to spread the message that every child deserves a normal childhood beyond the hardships of everyday lives.
“I want those [participating] students to feel empowered that they can make a change and impact lives,” Lotz said. “The money raised through the event have such huge impacts, and it’s all thanks to the students of RBHS.”
One of the students Lotz works with is junior Maddie Orr, who enjoys the experience of working together with patients at the hospital to create an invigorating experience.

“It’s a really cool experience where students can interact with Miracle Kids [patients benefiting from the fundraiser] and each other to work towards a really amazing goal,” Orr said. “I loved getting to plan and organize the event as well as get to know all of the people involved. It’s really fun and exciting and I have a blast at the event every year.”
Senior Bennett Lawson also plays an integral part in organizing Bruinthon, having the same positive sentiments towards the project as Orr.
“It’s just an awesome cause,” Lawson said. “How often do you get to have a really fun time while also raising money for the children’s miracle network.”
Orr and Lawson is hoping to get as many students as possible involved in Bruinthon. On Feb. 6, students were encouraged to sign up for Bruinthon in exchange for cookies and hours that go towards National Honors Society.
“Were hoping to get 50 to 75 students signed up,” Orr said. “It would be a lot more fun if there were more kids so please sign up.”
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