Student Council sponsors courtwarming spirit week


Photo by Emily Higginbotham

Ann Fitzmaurice

RBHS Student Council is hosting Courtwarming Week from Feb. 11 through Feb. 16, with an individual dress up theme for each day that pertain to the overall theme of “Happy Holidays, RBHS!” On Monday, the spirit day is 4th of July, Tuesday Halloween, Wednesday snow day, Thursday Valentine’s Day and Friday, the day of the courtwarming game, St. Patrick’s Day. Finally, the week ends with the courtwarming dance Feb. 16, where all proceeds will go to local charity for child advocacy, The Rainbow House
Before Courtwarming Week began, however, Student Council members picked the overall theme then selected specific topics for each day weeks in advance. Members began the process by meeting with representatives of their grade to come up with ideas, sophomore Student Council member Peyton Brooks said.
“We suggested ideas to each other in a meeting and [Happy Holidays] was a precious idea that was brought up and was represented by Luke Simon,” Brooks said.
Other themes Student Council discussed were collaboratively voted out. Other themes considered were ‘Favorites’, as in favorite T.V. show character or favorite color, and a “random” theme with a crazy hair day and pajama day. Ultimately, Student Council decided on “Happy Holidays, RBHS!” After the group selected the theme, Student Council sponsor Kelley Wittenborn met with administration for final approval. While the overall theme got approval, the group decided to tweak Wednesday’s ‘winter holidays’ theme to ‘snow day.’
“We all felt that ‘Winter Holidays’ had the potential to be religiously interpreted,” Wittenborn said. “And since our overall goal with spirit days is to make it as inclusive for all students at our school, we felt like ‘Snow Day’ still had the same ‘winter vibe’ but could be something all students could easily participate in.”
Each day of the week, Student Council encourages the student body to participate in school spirit by dressing up. For example, Wednesday, Feb. 13, students can dress up for the “Snow Day” spirit theme either in winter weather gear or in their pajamas. Additionally, students retain the freedom to participate Feb. 14, with the theme of Valentine’s Day simply by wearing red or dressing as their favorite person. Junior Katy Miller said the theme of “Holidays” enjoys this year’s theme for its inclusiveness.
“I feel like the theme Holidays is super fitting and will times because Valentine’s Day falls beautifully in there, the theme is also simple enough to follow, being mostly just colors and festive items that most people already own which makes it more inclusive,” Miller said. “It’s easy for everyone to showcase their school spirit.”