Freshman girls’ wrestler qualifies for state championship


These young wrestlers hope to wrestle for RBHS one day. Photo by Morgan Berk

George Frey

On Friday and Saturday, the RBHS girls’ wrestling participated in the District Tournament and Webster winter challenge at St. Clair High School. The match was filled with suspense, but freshman Anna Stevens was a force to be reckoned with as she represented RBHS and managed to qualify for the state championship tournament and managed to win third place in her weight class.
“It was a little stressful and exciting, because it was my first time in high school going to districts cause I’m a freshman and it was the first ever districts for girls,” Stephens said. “Besides that, it was a blast seeing people I know from other teams such as Hickman and Battle.”
Although Stephens was the lone Bruin at this tournament, her teammate junior Paige Hensley is grateful for the tenacity and confidence her teamsters give.
“I admire how supportive everyone was,” Hensley said, “We would always be yelling on the bench and just cheering each other on; no wrestler was alone. And we would use our strengths whether it’s on the mats or with school work to help someone else overcome their weaknesses.”
With the Stephens now moving onto the state championship tournament, the freshman took time to reflect and said wrestling has made her gain a broader understanding of teamwork and life in general.
“Don’t cheat yourself,” Stephens said. “What you are supposed to do and what I mean is that your outside life also transitions to the wrestling room. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you learn that you win, or that nothing in life comes easy is or is given to you. You have to work for it.”