Yearbook extends deadlines to January


Katie Whaley

As end of year deadlines pile up, students need to keep track of what they have due. Now yearbook deadlines are just around the corner.
Unlike any other grades, seniors have the opportunity to personalize their panel pictures in the yearbook by submitting their own picture taken however they wish. These senior photos, which were originally due Dec. 3, are now due Jan. 7, yearbook adviser Robin Stover said. Stover said she wanted to give everyone an opportunity to get the photos in and knew sometimes it was not the students’ faults if they missed the deadline.
Additionally, senior advertisements are due Jan. 7, which is an extension from the initial Dec. 14 deadline.
For all students, Stover said, the last date to purchase a yearbook is Jan. 26.  
Yearbook senior advertisements editor senior Grace Williams loves the senior ads and believes they are a great way to commemorate the high school experience. They are a tribute to the past and remembering your years in high school. Williams said the process to turn in an ad is simple.
“All you have to do is send your pictures to me, the letter from your parents and a check that goes out to Columbia public schools,” Williams said. “Make sure when buying a senior ad you go to [email protected].”
The revenue from senior ads actually benefits customers as it contributes to a lower cost of the book, yearbook business manager Gabi Tella said. Extending deadlines allows for both the yearbook staff and the customers to benefit.
“So we have to meet deadlines, and when we do senior ads the parents come in to check how the ad they bought looks so we make sure everything is perfect,” Tella said. “So turning in their photos in time help us make sure their ad looks the way they wanted and help us meet our deadline.”
The book itself costs $50 and a check can be made out to either RBHS or Columbia Public Schools.
Additionally, Williams said a yearbook is what keeps high school memories alive many years in the future and thinks having great senior advertisements and specialized panel photos is a good way to salute those memories.
“Well for senior ads it is a tribute to you and a reminder that you did it and that you should be proud of yourself,” Williams said. “For senior photos, it’s a reminder that you finally got to the finish line. You finished your four years of high school and you should be proud of yourself.”