on decorating for the holiays


Ann Fitzmaurice

IN 2017, Americans spent on average $588.90 on average for gifts for winter holidays, and $795.97 on other expenses. As for decorations, the average american family spends around $78 each year, according to a study by the NRF. With Thanksgiving in the past and many winter holidays quickly approaching, RBHS students discuss when they decorate for the holidays.[vc_text_separator title=”When do you decorate for the holidays?”]”I decorate for the holidays right after Halloween. It makes me feel like Christmas is coming faster. I love the Holidays.”
-Maria Cedillo, freshman
“Sometimes we decorate right after Christmas and sometimes we forget and decorate in like January. We’re incredibly inconsistent. One time we had [decorations] up until next Christmas.”
-William Hormann, sophomore
“I decorate for the holidays the day after Thanksgiving. Christmas is my favorite time of year but my mom makes me wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate.”
-Caroline Costa, junior”[I’ll decorate] probably this weekend. [I usually decorate] after Thanksgiving or into the first week of December. I like keeping Thanksgiving and Christmas separate.”
-Polina Kopeikin, senior