Rock Bridge bests Battle with a final score of 48-28


George Frey

Friday night RBHS’ football team played against Battle High School and managed to win with a final score of 48-28, despite a driving rainstorm during the second half. As the players ran across the field, turf coming up from their feet, the strength of the Bruins shined through as they scored touchdown after touchdown. And the numbers slowly ticked higher and higher on the scoreboard.
This was the opposite of their game on Aug. 31st, in which they lost to St. Louis’ DeSmet Jesuit High School, but this game proved to be almost an act of resilience by the RBHS football team once again.
“Our team and our students, because it [football teams] has kind of turned into a rivalry, I think they [RBHS students] will definitely remember it [Friday’s game],” RBHS principal Dr. Rukstad said. “Our football team is good, the whole experience of the football program is a quality experience and we’re very proud of it. I hope for a great experience [this season] for our kids who play football, our students, and the families who are involved. It’d be great if we had a lot of success, and usually a lot of success makes everything more fun, but sports is about more than that  and so I feel like our football players, and the people around the program are having a good experience.”
The next game will be this Friday, Sept. 14th against Lee’s Summit West, and it will be RBHS’ second home game of the season.