Math Relays team turns in quality season


Ryan Choe

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]BHS features teams and organized clubs that compete against other schools in multiple scholastic sports or organized clubs like Debate and Science Olympiad. One such groups, Math Relays team, just wrapped up its season.
The team competed in three contests during the school year, and its most recent contest took place at Smith-Cotton High School (SCHS) where they earned a first place trophy Jan. 27.
Sophomore Nathan Schneider, who placed second in two of five events and fourth and fifth in two others, was satisfied with his performances.
“I am happy because I finished fairly well in my events, which all [had mainly students in] grades 11 and 12,” Schneider said. “As a tenth grader, my results are quite pleasing. [Plus,] the competition experience was fun, [since] it is always fun waiting in suspense for who won and how well you did.”
Schneider believes he contributed a solid amount in order to help RBHS secure a victory. While he doesn’t know the exact reason why RBHS was so successful, he was sure it has something to do with the generally outstanding math department and raw talent of our students.
Fellow sophomore Julia Bowers agrees with Schneider about the great success displayed at the SCHS math relay contest. Bowers, who ended up with two first place finishes and a fourth place in her events, was especially pleased with the second place result the sophomore team received.
“Most tests are individual, but we work together on the team test,” Bowers said. “During the team test we discuss who is doing what problems, checking each other’s work, and problems we don’t know.”
Furthermore, Schneider and Bowers believe head coach Kevin Taylor is one of the main factors behind the team’s success. Taylor, who teaches Precalculus Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics, has made it his mission to provide and support the team members as much as he can. This includes scheduling meetings every Friday to get practice repetitions in.
[quote]“During the team test we discuss who is doing what problems, checking each other’s work, and problems we don’t know.” Bowers said. [/quote] “Mr. Taylor is the real reason why we are able to go to these contests,” Schneider said. “He organizes them, goes with the group to the contest and generally is very supportive.”
Taylor believes each member on the team has talent and quality effort, and he wants to support the team members in any way he can in order to help them reach their full potential and reap the rewards of success when they win contests. Taylor said the team had such a successful season because of the determination and hard work the students put in, which is evident in their final results in their individual and team events.
“We did have [several students] finish in the top five [of their events],” Taylor said. “This [was] our third contest of the year, and we finished in first place in all three. One thing that I think stands out particularly [from this] is that we always do well in our team events, which shows our collaborative spirit as a high school.”
Taylor adds that the results in the math contests show how much talent the team has and he likes to see the talent rewarded and recognized.
While this year’s math relays contest season comes to a close, Bowers and Schneider look to the future with high hopes and positive outlooks.
“This season went well overall,” Bowers said. “Although, I would like to improve how I do on some of the more difficult competitions. I am [really] looking forward to next year.”
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