Girls’ basketball secures close win against Webster Groves


Grace Dorsey

As the RBHS girls’ basketball team took the court tonight against Webster Groves high school for the Webster Winter Challenge, they were aiming to add another win to their season track record of 13-4-0. After an intense fourth quarter, they managed to prevail, ending the game with a 72-68 score. Junior forward Maddie Collier was somewhat anxious due to the narrow difference in points right up to the final buzzer, but was ultimately confident in her team’s ability to come out on top.
“I was kinda nervous when they started narrowing the gap but I knew that we were gonna buckle down and get the dub,” Collier said. “The most challenging [aspect of the game] was their guards. They were pretty good so we knew we had to contain them. Also, they had a very important post coming back from and injury so we knew we had to watch out for her.”
Though the Bruins’ opponent team boasted both skilled shooters and guards, their tendency to foul gave RBHS a distinct advantage. As a result of Statesmen’s penalties, the Bruins were able to make 22 free throws over the course of the game. For senior guard Payton McCallister, the tight lead they had wasn’t ideal, but the techniques they employed relentless gave them enough momentum to finish strong.
“Mostly we just had to cue on handling the ball and not giving them easy steaks for easy points,” McCallister said. “Once they started to foul, we had to focus on making our free throws in order to not give them the ball so easily.”
Next on the team’s radar are the second, third and fourth games of the Webster Winter Challenge, which will take place on Feb. 1 to Feb. 3. Coach Jill Nagel is preparing for the consecutive competitions with plenty of targeted technique perfecting.
“We spend a significant amount of time watching film of ourselves and our opponents. We go over detailed scouting reports before each game to understand what we want to do offensively and defensively,” Nagel said. “It is a juggernaut of a tournament so we have to rest up quickly and get ready for the next one.”
Looking back at the game, McCallister points to the seconds right after the buzzer as the peak moment.
“[The best part was] when we finally won and could take a deep breath,” McAllister said.
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