Art Around Columbia: Secrets of The Tiger Hotel


Tiger Hotel hosts famous artist, Salvador Dali, work

Isabel Gompper

The Tiger Hotel is a  well known luxury hotel in Columbia. Centered in the heart of Downtown Columbia, the Tiger sign that rests on the top of the building has become one of the icons of the town. The hotel offers 62 boutique rooms and suites with 4-Diamond rated luxuries and amenities.
Recently The Tiger Hotel has obtained three of Salvador Dali’s pieces to display above the steps of the inside of the hotel, amplifying the elegance and expensive feel of the building.
Salvador Dali was a Spanish surrealist artist that is well known for his crazy artwork and long wiry mustache. He was a highly creative man, whose imagination can be seen in his works. Inspired by the Renaissance era, his pieces breaks the boundaries of reality, creating distorted yet captivating pieces that capture their  audience, who tries to decipher the meanings behind his artistic choices. Dali did not just stick with painting, though. He also dabbled in other creative mediums such as film, sculptures and photography. He is best known for his creation, The Persistence of Memory. A timeless artwork that depictures four melting clocks situated in a beautiful landscape. It has been featured in many famous museums and pop culture references, giving it notoriety and many fans. Salvador Dali also did many collaboration pieces with other artists of his time, such as the Walt Disney Company in the short film “Destino” and the fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli.
When I saw the Dali pieces at the Tiger Hotel I was with my mother. Thanks to raising an art fanatic like myself, she has grown a similar taste and respect for art. When I asked her about what she thought of the works, she said, “ I tend to like the surreal, dreamlike ones that exhibit a lot of imagination. I like that he kind of breaks the rules of form. The middle piece was my favorite because it was so bizarre.”
For such famous artwork like Dali’s to be displayed, even if the paintings aren’t world renowned like some of his other work, they only showcase how well off the Tiger Hotel is. The art also brings some pride to the citizens of Columbia, Missouri,  with the knowledge that we now hold three of his pieces in our possession. I think that even if the pieces are later removed in the future or forgotten in other events, the fact they were there builds more character and history to both the Tiger Hotel and the art field of Columbia itself.[vc_gallery interval=”3″ images=”297836″]