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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Taking the Plunge front

Art Around Columbia: “Taking the Plunge”

Isabel Gompper May 9, 2018

The Activity and Recreation Center (ARC) is loved by many who live in Columbia, including athletes and children alike. The center opened in 2002 and is run through Columbia Parks and Recreation. As you...

The Columns

Art Around Columbia: The Columns

Isabel Gompper May 3, 2018

If you grew up in Columbia, Missouri you must know and be able to recognize the iconic row of six columns that lie in the center of the University, resting in a massive field that makes up the quad of...

Rock Bridge High School Art Rooms

Art Around Columbia: Rock Bridge High School Art Rooms

Isabel Gompper May 3, 2018

I have been raised around art my whole life. My grandparents were art teachers. I took art every year in school including lessons and summer camps outside of school or during the summer. And yet I never...

Cypher by Albert Paley

Art Around Columbia: “Cypher”

Isabel Gompper February 7, 2018

Growing up in Columbia, I would often visit the Daniel Boone Regional Library. It is filled with information and stories that filled my childhood with joy. When my family decided to take a trip to the...

Downtown Traffic Box Art

Art Around Columbia: Traffic Box Art

Isabel Gompper February 7, 2018

Downtown Columbia is like most downtown areas: covered in graffiti art and spray paint tags. Implemented by the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA), artists from all around come to Columbia to compete...

Art Around Columbia: The Columbia Art League

Art Around Columbia: The Columbia Art League

Isabel Gompper January 23, 2018

Instead of analyzing an individual art piece around Columbia, this post will be focusing on a well-known gallery in downtown Columbia. The Columbia Art League, or CAL for short, is a local artist gallery...

Tiger Hotel: Salvador Dali

Art Around Columbia: Secrets of The Tiger Hotel

Isabel Gompper January 2, 2018

The Tiger Hotel is a  well known luxury hotel in Columbia. Centered in the heart of Downtown Columbia, the Tiger sign that rests on the top of the building has become one of the icons of the town. The...

Blown Away

Art Around Columbia: ‘Blown Away’ by beauty

Isabel Gompper December 14, 2017

Walking around downtown Columbia, there are many quirky stores and interesting art pieces, giving the community a welcoming and open environment. One such piece is the mural “Blown Away” which is painted...

Sparkys Paintings

Art Around Columbia: Sparky’s eclectic aesthetic

Isabel Gompper October 27, 2017

What is the meaning of art? When I think of art, I think of it as a creative process that elects an emotion from both the viewers and the artists themselves. To me this does not mean that the artwork...

Untitled Horse Sculpture

Art Around Columbia: Steel stallions

Isabel Gompper October 8, 2017

Driving down Stadium, you are surrounded by cars, traffic lights and the Columbia mall, but both hidden and also in clear view are  the untitled Horse sculptures. The artwork consists of 11 horses grazing...

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