Don’t Lose Focus: A picture perfect friend


Kai Ford

Ciao, everyone! Welcome back to the safe space that is my piece of Bearing News! I’ve finally found someone willing to strike that pose and take on the role of a model. This week, I duke it out with the portrait challenge.
Portraits are some of the most common types of photos and can be taken by anyone and everyone. (Except maybe my grandma…I always have to teach her again when I see her.) One doesn’t even need to have a big, expensive camera to take good portraits; you just need a camera of any sorts and a little bit of creativity.
An essential step to portraits is finding people to take pictures. (With their permission!). My awesome friend, senior Raghad Nasraldeen, helped me out by modeling for this shoot.
The shoot took us all over downtown, but my favorite location was a bright yellow tree I had spotted while skating around earlier in the day. The tree offered all sorts of opportunities, such as lying in the leaves and framing Raghad between the branches, and I took as many shots as I could. One of my favorites was this photo:For this photo, I sought the assistance of fellow staff members, juniors Valeria Velasquez and Moy Zhong, along with our other friend, junior Laura Scoville. As I shot photos, they tossed handfuls of leaves over Raghad and created the lively scene of the image. The movement of the leaves animates the shot and produces the happy, calm feeling associated with autumn. I simply brightened the photo and highlighted the leaves to produce this image:Shooting with friends is always an amazing time, and there’s no better feeling than being able to gift a great photo to a friend. If you get the itch to go out and shoot with friends, do it. You won’t regret it, and you’ll come away with some great new photos to add to your repertoire.
Thank you all for joining me this week on Don’t Lose Focus. If you want to see more beautiful, creative shots check out fellow photographer Camryn Devore’s blog, Out of Line. I hope to see you all again on another venturesome task! Don’t forget to try new things!