Don’t Lose Focus: Far up above


Kai Ford

Guten tag, everyone! Welcome back to the safe space that is my piece of Bearing News. This week, I look down upon my subjects and take on the regal test that is the high angle challenge.
High angle is an interesting technique to practice because it involves orienting the position of the photographer as opposed to the subjects. As the subject gets larger, the height at which the photographer needs to be to get the high angle affect increases. If you are photographing things such as dogs or babies, then standing works perfectly, but if you are trying to capture crowds or large landscapes, you will need to greatly increase your height in proportion to theirs.
My high angle shot is from the Roots and Blues festival here in Columbia:I chose this image because it shows both the mother and son pair in the bucket in front of me, as well as a large amount of people milling about on the ground. The activity expressed in this image mirrors that seen throughout the festival. It also allows the viewer to imagine the rest of the festival as seen from the top of the ferris wheel.
The sun was setting as I took this picture, so it came out a little dark. I lightened the photo in post production and brightened the yellows, reds and blues to highlight the ferris wheel. This is the image I ended up with:I enjoy high angle shots because they group the subjects and remove likelihood of discrimination for singular persons. Additionally, high angle captures scenes and environments better than portraits or candids, as they show a larger area in the picture and don’t require a specific centerpoint to draw the viewer’s attention. I suggest high angle to anyone capturing large, crowded events. If possible, check out the location prior to shooting to scout any high places to approach the shot. Bring a ladder to create your own impromptu high angle shots. Adding this technique to your repertoire will add weight to your gear, but it will also increase the variety in your portfolio.
Thank you all for joining me this week on Don’t Lose Focus. I hope to see you again in the future for another exciting challenge! Don’t forget to try new things!