Emergency vehicles rushed to North parking lot


Cassidy Viox

At around 11:33 a.m., an ambulance and fire truck arrived to the North parking lot for a medical emergency. Administrators told students in the areas surrounding the science hallway to go to the North commons. Additionally, the Media Center doors were temporarily locked.
“We had a medical emergency,” principal Dr. Jennifer Rukstad said. “In these cases, we do our best to protect the privacy of those involved, which is why we clear the hallways needed to exit the building.”
Sophomore Zain Ibdah was sitting in the back of his friend’s truck when he saw the ambulance drive up beside his parking spot.
“I saw paramedics come out with a stretcher and go into the science wing,” Ibdah said. “I don’t really know anything else about the situation.”
Bearing News will update this post as more information becomes available.