Third Day revamps style with 16th album

Brittany Cornelison

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When I first heard of Third Day’s 16th album release, “Miracle”, I was skeptical. This band has performed together for what seems like forever; in fact, it formed in the 1990s. I figured this would be another album without any real attention grabbing power.
However, when the first song “I Need a Miracle” was released Sept. 17, I developed a fresh mindset on this somewhat “under the radar” band, and the more I have listened the more sure I am as to why they have been around so long.
Third Day has a profound southern rock style that makes them unique when standing up to other Christian bands. The group was formed in Marietta, Ga. in the 1990’s. In 2008, Third Day was awarded the American Music Award for Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist of the Year, and were recognized as Billboard’s No. 3 Christian Albums Artist of the 2000’s. Lead singer Mac Powell has a memorable sultry toned voice that is enticing to listeners. Yet it’s the rare style of the band that really drew me to listen to the album in the first place.
After hearing “I Need a Miracle” I had to go straight to iTunes and purchase it. Christian music oftentimes has a tendency to become repetitive and mundane. However, this song was different. It told a story of its own. The lyrics showcase several snapshots of relatable instances in which people have needed to rely on God for a way to get through a tough situation, making this a song of rejoice.
For example, one of the verses tells the true story of a young man who was prepared to commit suicide but reconsidered because he heard a song (coincidentally by Third Day) on the radio. The lyrics read,
“He turned on the radio to hear a song for the last time
He didn’t know what he was looking for even what he’d find
The song he heard gave him hope and strength to carry on
And on that night, they found a miracle.”
The joyous lyrics and upbeat melody of this song make it one to remember. But this isn’t the only song that caught my attention on the album. The upbeat songs, “Hit Me Like a Bomb“, “I Want to Believe in You” and “Kicking and Screaming“, kept me listening and repeating the lyrics throughout the day. However, my personal favorite song would have to be “The Victory“, for both its sound and its inspirational lyrics. This song starts out full-on rock and has a very exclusive sound compared to the other tracks. The lyrics speak of heaven and how fighting against the temptations of this world may knock people down, but in the end the reward is victory.
The band’s newly revamped sound brought something new this 16th time around. This album is relatable to any listener, not exclusively Christians, which is a common misconception when it comes to Christian music. If you’re looking for an unique sounding album, check this one out. The songs are meaningful as well as catchy. You’ll be coming back for more.
 By Brittany Cornelison