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‘Attack on Titan’ final season cashes in on suspense, weaves beautiful story

Josiah Anderson, Staff Writer March 17, 2022

The first episode of “Attack on Titan’s” (AoT) second part in the two part final season released Jan. 2 on Crunchyroll and Funimation, with one new episode releasing every sunday until the hour long...

Students, staff reflect on presenting musical amidst pandemic

Students, staff reflect on presenting musical amidst pandemic

Amira McKee December 22, 2020
With a final virtual broadcast to audience members watching from home, the RBHS theater department concluded its production of the fall musical, Lucky Stiff, Dec. 4.
Art by Snowy Li.

Art flourishes through innovative mediums

Isaac Yontz April 14, 2020
The fast-paced, evolving technology of the modern century has changed the process and application of various disciplines — everything from journalism to engineering. Students and educators in various fields share their thoughts on mixing and using unique mediums in the ever evolving worlds of art and design.
Junior Allie Bell answers questions about photography Jan. 8. I was there to teach the kids in fifth grade about my experience in the art program, as well was what we have been working on this year in photography specifically, Bell said. I also got to demonstrate how we use our equipment an show some of my work. Photo by Turner DeArmond.

RBHS hosts Fine Arts Extravaganza for CPS fifth graders

Amira McKee January 9, 2020
Gaggles of fifth grade students from throughout Columbia Public Schools (CPS) rotated between the Auxiliary Gym and Performing Arts Center to watch as various RBHS fine arts students presented their work for the Fine Arts Extravaganza Jan. 8. Fine art classes, including Photography and Advanced Placement Two-Dimensional Art and Design, organized booths while show choir and theater students performed their respective pieces. RBHS art teacher and coordinator of the Fine Arts Extravaganza Abigail Gorsage said she hoped the event would increase interest for fine arts courses and compel the fifth graders to consider a focus on fine arts as they enter middle school.
RBHS finds unprecedented success at Randy Pierce Winter Classic Debate Tournament

RBHS finds unprecedented success at Randy Pierce Winter Classic Debate Tournament

Amira McKee December 16, 2019
The RBHS Speech and Debate team competed at the Randy Pierce Winter Classic at Pattonville High School and earned fourth place in sweepstakes, Dec. 13 and Dec. 14.
The Garba Queens perform a folk dance for the audience. Riya Amin, sophomore, lead the dance line. Participating for her second year she said, [India Nite] is a great way to get involved in the community. Photo by Sarah Mosteller.

CAI hosts 28th annual India Nite

Amira McKee October 21, 2019
Dancers glided across the stage, their carefully choreographed movements synchronized with the beat of the music, for India Nite.
Technology by Moy Zhong

Artificial intelligence possesses controversial potential

Bailey Stover April 26, 2019
As with a flipped coin spinning in mid-air, the issue of artificial intelligence (AI) is still undecided as to which way it will land: benefit or harm.
Consciousness by Moy Zhong

Jobs lost to machines provide space for new opportunities

Isaac Parrish April 26, 2019
With recent advancements in artificial intelligence, people are starting to worry about what this might mean for the current job market.
Consciousness by Moy Zhong

Biomimicry influences architecture

George Frey April 26, 2019
In the connection between the designs of mother nature and those of humankind, designers use biomimicry, the replication of unique singularities in nature, to their advantage.
Climate Change by Moy Zhong

Climate in crisis; students speak out

Katie Whaley April 26, 2019
Unlike a singularity within a black hole, carrying capacity curbs at a specific point and the human population cannot continue to grow without reaping serious consequences on the environment. The earth, in addition, has limitations on its resources and functions that humans need to survive.
Exploring online communication with Dr. Brett Johnson

Exploring online communication with Dr. Brett Johnson

Katie Whaley April 3, 2019

Assistant professor Dr. Brett Johnson at the University of Missouri—Columbia discusses the legality of online communication in the First Amendment and with high school athletes. What do you see as...

Photos by Allie Pigg, Camryn DeVore, Sophie Eaton, Bailey Stover. Illustrated by Sarah Kuhlmann.

Social media increase accountability, responsibility

Katie Whaley March 26, 2019
In the age of the internet, instances of inappropriate behaviors hindering reputations are almost instantaneous and can have serious consequences.
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