Global Village kicks off with henna drawings


Grace Vance

Assistant principal Lisa Nieuwenhuizen tattoos a henna design on freshman Kieran Eaton’s hand in the main commons where the festivities were held. “[I am one of the henna tattoo artists this year] because we needed the help and I’ve done it for a few years,” Nieuwenhuizen said. “Every kid wants something different, which is a challenge [because] I’m not very good at it. I really have no artistic talent whatsoever. I just copy the pattern.”

Freshman Kieran Eaton shows off her henna hand design that Nieuwenhuizen drew. “I really like henna because it’s really cool looking and it has a lot of culture behind it,” Eaton said. “I wanted this design because it kind of looks like a leaf and a vine. I really like it because it’s very detailed and intricate.”

Special Education teacher Punam Sethi pipes a henna pattern onto sophomore George Fry’s hand. There are 15 designs the henna artists can look off of as a reference when making their tattoos.

Henna artist senior Challen Vasquez draws a flower design on senior Claire Brown’s forearm while sophomore Claire Smith watches. “Feel like [henna day] represents the student body [and] being a part of the school and that you care about [different cultures],” Brown said.

Nieuwenhuizen tattoos a leaf pattern on Eaton’s hand. Nieuwenhuizen said she has been one of the henna artists at Global Village for the past three years.

Sethi pipes a pattern onto senior Chung Hyun Lee’s hand. “I was just bored [during lunch] and henna is really cool,” Lee said. “I just looked up cool hennas for men and it was one of the first pictures that came up. At the last Global Village, I got basically the same henna.”

Vasquez finishes up a henna tattoo on Eaton’s hand. Vasquez said she didn’t have anything to do during lunch and decided to be a henna artist for the A lunch period.