PTSA sponsoring candy grams for Valentine’s Day


Photo by Devesh Kumar

Emily Oba

[dropcap style=”flat” size=”4″]W[/dropcap]ith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)  is providing a way for students to spread love around the school. PTSA is sponsoring a sale called Valentine’s Day Surprise where parents, students and teachers can purchase a Valentine surprise for another person at RBHS.
“We offer three different treats for purchase,” PTSA Valentine Committee member Kay Hake said. “We do this as a fundraiser to support the many projects PTSA funds.”
The surprises include a plethora of sweet treats, including a half pound of Candy Factory Chocolate Covered Strawberries, a Valentine bag filled with candy and a Valentine Teddy Bear with suckers, costing 10 and five dollars, respectively. The deadline to get these treats is Feb. 10. and will be ready to pick up Tuesday, Feb. 14.
“The Candy Factory is very generous and gives us a discount on the strawberries so we’ve always used them,” Hake said. “I’ve worked with the valentines the last seven years and we’ve always done a candy bag, the teddy bears were added about four years ago because they are cute.”
Although sophomore Emily Litton doesn’t plan on ordering a surprise, she likes the Valentine’s Day spirit.
“I just learned about if a couple of days ago when I saw the table in the main commons,” Litton said. I like them because it’s a cute idea and I think it’s nice to make your friends happy at school with a nice surprise.”
Not only will people at RBHS receive a nice surprise, but they will also get a heart-shaped note where a personal message can be written by the giver.
Junior Andrea Baker plans to get her boyfriend chocolate covered strawberries because he loves sweets and really wants them. Baker likes the tradition of the candygrams and thinks it is cute.
“I’m also probably gonna get him flowers because he’ll have to take them to class and it’ll embarrass him. I really enjoy embarrassing him,” Baker said. “I don’t necessarily think [the PTSA sale] is good or bad for the school but I definitely think it puts people in the spirit for Valentine’s Day which is nice and uplifting.”
In order to purchase the items, a form needs to be filled out and given to the main office or mailed to RBHS Valentines, 4303 S. Providence Road, 65203. Forms can be found on the RBHS website in the Infobruin.
To ensure students will remember to pick up the sweets, a text message will be sent to students as a reminder to get their purchases. Although the treats are often bought by couples, they are not exclusive to them.  
“I like that it’s not just for people in relationships,” Baker said. “You can get the gifts for anyone really.”
What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?