Entourage day brings group shenanigans to spirit week


Yousuf El-Jayyousi

Art teachers Shannon Blakey, Abbey Gorsage, Danielle Vogel and Carrie Stephenson dress as lumberjacks. “We were trying to come up with a group costume that wouldn’t require us to make or buy anything, and we all owned plaid,” Gorsage said.

Show choir students wore shirts saying, “BIG FUN,” and wrapped plaid shirts around their waists in order for them to all look like Courtwarming Kind Ben Lopez. “Hi Ben,” could be heard repeatedly in the hallways as show choir students passed each other and greeted one another.


The front office staff made their appearance as Dr. Jennifer Rukstad’s secret service. “You don’t have the authorization to be here,” was thrown at students who got “too close” to the principal.


The global village Indian dance team dressed in traditional Indian clothing as a preview to their performance in the assembly on Friday.

Courtwarming King candidate Ji-Ho Lee and his escort Senior Maggie Victor dress as Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly from the TV show The Office.


Strapped up in blue overalls with yellow shirts, Courtwarming King Justin Hajicek and his escort Jordan Williamson dressed as minions from Despicable Me.


Dressed as President of the United States, Courtwarming King nominee Chase Ford is assisted by his Press Secretary Becca Wells as they are surrounded by an entourage of reporters.


Freshmen Amanda Kurukulasuriya and Keegan Adkins dress as Greasers from The Oustsiders. “I did it to rebel against the high society theme,” Kurukulasuriya said, “I decided to be low society instead.”