‘Moana’ offers splendid visuals, characters, plot


Grace Dorsey

Stunning visuals, good characters and a dynamic storyline make Moana a perfect movie to see with friends and family alike. Moana adapts classic Disney figures to its Polynesian vibes. It has the loving and protective parents, the wise and quirky grandmother and the over-confident hero with a sad past.
Moana, the center of it all, is a conflicted heroine. These archetypes naturally work together to add interest and layers to the plotline. Dwayne Johnson fits perfectly as Maui; a guide and eventual friend of the main character. Auli’i Cravalho is the right Moana in her first major voicing role.
While these characters all have different aspects to them, none of the main figures are deeply flawed, which works well in an overall light-hearted film such as Moana.
In regards to the visuals, Disney has produced another story with incredibly beautiful scenes. The islands were detailed perfectly, with lush and colorful forests that pulled the audience in. The sea also didn’t disappoint and was perfectly portrayed as constantly changing in regards to light, color and even texture. During the stormy scenes, the graphics really pushed that sense of forbidding and fear.
The storyline also builds on the classic heroic journey, with the main character both trying to find herself and a way to fix the larger problem at hand. Through different adversities, we get to see Moana’s determinants and quick thinking. Moments of humor and heartache blend in order to keep viewers engaged, invested and entertained. It is especially refreshing to see that Moana isn’t focused on finding a love interest but on helping her people.
The songs are a perfect accompaniment to the story and helped advance the plot in an amusing way. Humor came in the form of recurring jokes, which works to connect the different aspects of the film.