Wild Out Wednesdays excite student body


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Shouts fill the cafeteria as two students perform a rap battle on a temporary stage in the main commons. On Wild Out Wednesdays, students have the opportunity to show off their talents during both lunches. Officer Keisha Edwards, who started Wild Out Wednesdays, values the event as nothing short of RBHS tradition.
“The inspiration was to give kids something to do during lunch time, versus just sitting there eating and being bored,” Edwards said. “If you give kids something to do, something exciting, some form of relaxation, they tend to re-energize and be ready for the second half of their day.”
Students sign up before the competition and take turns showcasing songs, dances and riveting rap battles. Edwards allows all types of performances, as long they comply with her no profanity policy.
Once the singing and rapping starts, all students around the main commons swarm to get a look in on the action. Freshman Ismael Rashid experienced the first of two sets of performances during A lunch.
“It was interesting,” Rashid said. “Q-daddy [an A lunch rapper] was pretty good.”
The audience sang, cheered and danced along with the performers. The shows lasted for roughly 20 minutes, with audience members engaged throughout the entirety.
In a school of 1,960 students, Wild Out Wednesday gives RBHS students an outlet to show friends their talents. Jade Brady performed “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor during B lunch. For Brady, Wild Out Wednesdays have helped her overcome her stage fright.
“I performed last year, but I was shaking and only made it about halfway through,” Brady said. “But, I have improved.”
Brady’s performance got the crowd singing with her for the chorus, and enormous applause greeted her at the conclusion.
“I love all of the performances because it takes a huge amount of courage to get out on stage and these kids; they want to do it,” Edwards said. “There are more kids who want to do it than not, but it’s harder to have the courage to go out there and do it.”
by Ryan Choe, Ben Kimchi, Jordan Rogers and Logan Dorsey