Klein propels boys’ soccer yet again in double overtime thriller


Drew Stanowski, #11, Senior midfielder Drew Stanowski kicks the ball in a game with intentions to hit the back of the net in a game. Photo by Yousuf El-Jayyousi

Faaris Khan

After regaining their footing in the Gateway Classic tournament last week, the soccer team continued to emerge victorious against their opponents, edging out a 2-1 win in last night’s double overtime nailbiter against St. Louis University High (SLUH).
Going into the game, senior midfielder and team captain Drew Stanowski knew that RBHS had a tough game ahead; however, the Bruins were carrying momentum from a five-game win streak and were confident in their ability to execute on the field.  
“We felt great going into the game,” Stanowski said. “We still felt the momentum from the Gateway and knew if we played how we played in the Gateway that we were capable of going out and getting a win against a very good team in SLUH.”
In the first half, both teams looked for a spark against each other until SLUH scored the first goal in the 28th minute of the game, putting them up 1-0 against the Bruins. However, RBHS was determined to stand their ground and responded back in the 39th minute in the form of a goal by Stanowski, tying the score between the two teams.
“It felt great to help get the goal that helped my team back into the game,” Stanowski said. “I’ve been in good form as of late and when I saw the ball come out to me I had all the confidence that it was going to in. I think it helped shift the momentum back into our favor and propelled us into the second half.”
Afterward, RBHS and SLUH continued to battle in hopes of scoring to turn the tide of the game in their favor; however, both teams were committed to countering any efforts made by their adversaries, leaving the scoreboard remain unchanged throughout the entirety of the regulation period. The same held true for the first overtime, with neither teams being able to gain a leg up on their opponent.
The second overtime, however, was a completely different story. With four minutes left on the clock, junior midfielder Johnny Klein scored a pivotal goal for RBHS, propelling the Bruins to a more secure 2-1 lead. It was a discouraging blow to SLUH, who remained unable to bring the game back into their control for the rest of the game.  
“My initial reaction was just happy that I could get the win for my team,” Klein said. “I really owed them because I didn’t play that well in regulation.”
Stanowski, who was watching Klein when he scored, believes it was a play to remember.
“I was right behind Johnny when he hit his and I could tell right when it left his foot that it was going to go in,” Stanowski said. “You always know Johnny is going to give it his all every minute he is on the field. He’s one of the people that you want on the ball in late game situations and he’s proven it time and time again.”
After the electrifying victory, the team hopes to extend their winning streak to six games against district competitor Smith-Cotton on the evening of Oct. 6 at home. That game will be the team’s senior night and will cap off a four-game road trip for the Bruins.
“Carrying this momentum into the next game is huge,” Klein said. “We’re on a five game win streak all against great opponents and coach keeps telling us to just keeping riding this streak.”
Do you think the team will be able to increase their winning streak to six games against Smith-Cotton? Let us know in the comments below!